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Cortes Island Seniors Society
Cortes Island Seniors Society (CISS)
The Cortes Island Seniors Society is a registered non-profit, charitable society that is active in community affairs. The CISS coordinates social events, community gatherings, monthly meetings, and other activities for its members.

The Society is open to Cortes residents 50 and over. The yearly membership is $10 and the membership should be sent to:
Cortes island Seniors Society
Box 27
Mansons Landing BC
V0P 1K0

We publish monthly newsletter by email, also available on Tideline and in pdf format.

The Society constructed and manages a Seniors Village of ten cottages with gardens located on Beasley Road in Manson's Landing.

Seniors Helping Seniors (SHS)
One of the Society's initiatives is the Seniors Helping Seniors project. Volunteers of this project provide company, transportation, and practical assistance to Cortes Island seniors.

Better at Home (BAH)
Better at Home Cortes Island will provide non-medical support to assist older adults (65+) with day-to-day tasks or weekly maintenance to keep their home the way they like it, so they can continue to live independently in their own home and stay connected with our community. You can find out more information in this Tideline post.



Gina at seniorscortesgmail.com

Carina Verhoeve at 250-935-6793
(Monday–Friday, 10–5)

Carina Verhoeve at 250-935-6793
(Monday–Friday, 10–5)
or Ester at betterathomecortesgmail.com
PO Box 27
Mansons Landing  BC  V0P 1K0