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On-premises wine and beer making, plus equipment, products and supplies for doing it yourself at home.

(NOTE: This is a brief overview of what we offer. For the complete picture visit our website: www.goodlibations.ca

We carry over 30 wines in stock from Amarone to Zinfandel and can special order over 100 others. All wines can be made in their traditional way or can be customized to your liking – from dry to sweet, oak level, etc. Wine can also be made from your own fruit – plums, raspberries, blackberries, rhubarb, whatever, and we also offer special and seasonal wines: sherry, port, champagne, ice wine, dessert wines and others. A batch of wine is about 31 bottles.

Our special and seasonal wines are also offered as group projects where each person receives five bottles (most people don’t want 31 bottles of ice wine!). Contact us for details.

We also carry a full line of ciders and coolers. Our apple, peach and pear flavours are made from Okanagan fruit.

We carry 13 types of beer from the very light to the very heavy. Our beers are made from barley, hops, yeast and water – period. The carbonation level can be adjusted to suit you. Beer takes approximately three weeks to make and can be enjoyed immediately. A batch of beer is about six dozen bottles.

We are located at the old seafood plant on Hansen road. Our business hours are Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday afternoons from noon to 5:30. We’re open most Wednesdays too.

Our guarantee: No one should have to consume a product they don’t enjoy. If you receive something from us and it’s not to your liking, bring it back. You’ll receive an immediate refund (or exchange if you prefer), and a smile.

For a complete list of our wines with sweetness and body indications, click on one of our products then on the attachment link below to download a PDF small file.
Doug Brown

Phone: 935-0126
Fax: 935-6945
Website: www.goodlibations.ca