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General News · 8th December 2017
Bill Dougan
I feel a note in the Marketer, December 8, needs to be responded to.

I would like to welcome newcomers to our community here on Cortes Island. Let me introduce myself; I am Bill Dougan, I have only lived here 12 years so in the grand scheme of things Iím a total newbie. I have met some families that have lived on the same land here for over 8 generations so 12 years is nothing. Itís a little more then some that moved here 6 months ago (is it ?) but really many of us are still newbies.

The good thing is Cortes Island is a welcoming place! Being my 3rd Salish Sea Island I have been lucky enough to live on, 4 if you count Vancouver Island, Cortes is the best, hands down. Like I said, everyone here is pretty welcoming, this is one community that opens its arms for newbies, no preconceptions or judgments based on how you look, dress or the colour of your skin, the language you speak, here the mixing pot is welcoming. Cortes is always looking for new ingredients to add to the mix and spice things up. So hey donít worry be yourself and the community will open its arms and give you a big hug hello.†

Summers here are great, making it through a winter is a big test though, just remember lots of wood, batteries and gasoline come in handy if it looks like a big storm is coming. But donít worry because everyone here helps each other if need be. Donít use that as an excuse to not be prepared for the challenges that living here bring but just know that we got your back if you need something. You know while Iím at it hereís my number 0062 (we donít need to tell each other the 935 part), call me if you ever need something.

Winters here can also get pretty lonely but there are so many clubs and groups you can join to keep busy, Oh and hey, there are so many groups on the island helping fellow islanders that would love another volunteer.†

I noticed a poem (obviously written by someone who loves Poetry) with new spin on an old favourite today in the marketer, there is some talent there. You are going to love the Lip Synch that the Radio Station puts on; consider getting together an act.†

I feel I got to mention something though to newcomers; when you are new here, nothing personal, but calling volunteers twits and telling the community that these twits are blackmailers, might ruffle a few feathers and get you off to a rocky start with some. I am one of those ďtwitsĒ and ď blackmailersĒ but I wont let it get in the way of us being mutually respective members of Cortes Island Iíve ruffled a few feathers myself but I always make sure to treat other people with nothing but respect. I am not perfect, I know that but I do believe in civility .†

We as a community often disagree about issues and I have been to some pretty passionate meetings, but in the end I have respect for the other side and often go out of my way to talk about the issues one on one with those neighbours.

So thatís just my advice, it doesnít mean anything, I really just wanted to say Welcome to Cortes.†
Thank you Bill.
Comment by Caz on 13th December 2017
You said it so well.♥️
Hey, you can say what ever you want about Bill Dougan...
Comment by Mike malek on 12th December 2017
Hey, you can say what ever you want about Bill, just don't go and ruin a perfectly good Christmas carol. fa lalalala lala lala.
well said Bill
Comment by De Clarke on 11th December 2017
Thanks Bill, for taking the time to write -- and very much in the spirit of the season, too. Peace on Cortes, and goodwill to all people.
Thanks Bill
Comment by Susan Sherwood on 10th December 2017
Thanks Bill for the thoughtful words. I have been coming to Cortes for almost 30 years and it has been the best experience of my life. Sharing is a part of what makes this island so special. Will miss it tremendously.
Thank you
Comment by Pat on 10th December 2017
So nice to read your letter written with compassion and caring.
Thank you
Thank you and an addition
Comment by Jean on 10th December 2017
Thank you for your thoughtful piece. I couldn't help noticing, however, that a truly vital part of our community was left out of your comments. The Klahoose have been here, on this same "property" for many more than 8 generations. Let's not forget that everyone else is a relative newcomer. Thanks.
Comment by Joy shipway on 10th December 2017
Something needed to be said and you did it with such kindness.when I opened my mail Friday, it felt like someone had put vile hate mail in my mailbox that I didn't ask for.
Thank you Bill...
Comment by Myrna Kerr on 10th December 2017
Property owner for 27 years and living here for the past 17 (and a volunteer for those 17 years) the welcome and the community is beyond reproach and you have said it so well!
Well said.
Comment by Sue Ellingsen on 9th December 2017
Thank you for saying something that needed to be said. It often doesn't seem worth the trouble, but hopefully others will benefit from the time you have taken. Sue
Good one
Comment by Peter schmidt on 9th December 2017
Well said
marketer reply & New to Cortes
Comment by mae sherwood on 9th December 2017
What a great letter Bill! It IS a great community as we found out 25 years ago. I am going to miss it. It is not the same in the city, although Berwick is also a very friendly community, but nothing beats Cortes.
Yes to respectful community discourse.
Comment by Donna on 9th December 2017
Thank you for taking the time to pen this Bill. Good words for all of us to consider. I especially appreciate the tone of good will evident in your address:. a key factor in maintaining rational discussion on this very small and lovely rock.