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General News · 30th November 2017
Nancy Beach
I will now quote a section I took from the Cortes Forest General partnership website....
"The harvest area is 12.8 Ha in size including the existing logging road with approximately 10 Ha of area available for partial harvest. The average volume of this stand is about 500 m3/Ha, of which 200 m3 will be selectively harvested. "
It appears to me that the 200m3 is expected to be harvested from each 500 m3. That is 40% of the forest in that area. I certainly hope that 40% of the forest is not expected to be harvested in all the areas. Clear cutting is not acceptable generally to me, and I think most of the other members of this partnership. Neither is cutting 40% of the forest in any one area acceptable.
The words "we will eventually be able to spread our harvest activities more broadly and annually impact any one area to a lesser extent" are not reassuring enough, unfortunately. I would like to see a more long term plan detailed better than the "5 year plan" on that website describes it, taking this issue into account.
See you at the Green Mountain forest tour this Saturday at 10 A.M.
cutting trees
Comment by loyd fairweather on 21st December 2017
More and more I believe we should not cut down any more trees in this province.
I have looked at a satellite view from space and it shows British Columbia as the only large green area left in North America.
Trees capture enormous amounts of Co2 and if we cut them down it may mean the death of millions of people.
We will then have a large amount of blood on our hands.
We could say, " but it means loss of jobs".
We could also say making nuclear bombs could employ us but none of us would accept a job like that.
Killing people with bombs is wrong and killing people with dead trees is also wrong.
Perhaps in a small way we the people of Cortes could say we will not cut any more trees for profit. Lets make it clear to the rest of B.C. how we stand.
This province has been strip mined of trees for over 100 years.

100 years ago they probably thought this province is so big they will never cut it all down.
Pulp mills make 1000 tons per day of pulp that requires 2000 tons of tree.
And 365days x 2000=730,000 tons per year and with 5 mills =3.6 million tons per year.
At one ton per tree and 50 years that is 180 million trees.
And this is just for making paper!!!!.Yikes.
Merry Christ.mas! & Thanks for sharing!
Comment by Nancy Beach on 7th December 2017
There is hope. All it takes is faith the size of a mustard seed !
global colapse
Comment by ron lund on 3rd December 2017
people are not giving up their modern lives willingly. who does not rely on fossil fuels? i am not pessimistic. i am sure. the seas, the air, the earth, the waters even our very genetics are being manipulated for profit. we have little chance to not see global collapse of our economic system and weather and sea life and wild animals and forests. disease and pestilance are sure. our survival is not,

our communal bus has already gone off the mythical lemming cliff and and as we careen toward the final moments, alpha males fight for the drivers seat while the rest fight for which is the better side of the bus to sit on. our seas are plasticided, our food pesticided and geneticaly modified. there is so much wrong. we are already seeing climate migrations, corrupt leaders are common, we have lost our moral compass, our awareness of unity and our values that are essential for our survival. we may survive the coming collapse but it will likely because we at least fought for change right now, right here. its too late to take the bus, or recycle or use hemp to replace forest.

we have to have a shift of consiousness. a global awakening or a global collapse. this will sound much better coming from some other people than me, but few are saying it. part of us all know it. things are going to change and not for the better. we are closer to nuclear wars than ever, oilsand pipe lines are winning over protecting our fresh water and seas. the great barrier reef and other coral reefs are dying, seas are rising and acidifying.

so many think religion or science or education is the answer. i say it is the problem. thats how we got here. we think wrong so we preach wrong and we teach wrong.

real estate is not real. its lying estate and the root cause of our condition. no one owns this planet. not you me or the queen. economicly we are already in a tax death spiral. enviromentally we have already clearcut and dragnet our future. we need more change than we can imagine. and it probably wont happen. its already too late. i think there is one chance but it is getting weaker all the time.

we have turned a cosmic garden into a prison planet where everyone works for profit rather than survival.

oneness or noneness.
r.o.n. l.i.o.n.
HEMP, the ONLY solution
Comment by Ray on 3rd December 2017
I've lived on the west coast my entire near 60 years.
Have been involved in monitoring the situation since Amchitka 1971...Commercial Fished 1980s thru mid 1990s. Had not been up this way in some 25 years and while hopeful things had improved ECO wise, I was and am sorely disappointed when I arrived 2011.

The west coast is dying and has been dying for decades in my view, my observations, my perspective/s.

Speaking with fishers, loggers miners etc along the coast over decades a myriad of reasons surface but the one we speak on today, Forestry.

Until about 1976 logging was a more selective process. Since circa 76 clear cut became the way. Later changed again but the damage was done.
The trees dead/cut allow soil sediment to settle in the rivers preventing salmon from spawning.

Salmon feed the entire food chain from the tiniest micro organisms to the seals. whales, crabs, birds wolves, bears etc all the way from micro organism to Eagles and the trees themselves. Fish compost feeds trees, soil, plants and everything between.

For 400? years we have searched out and destroyed the pristine intact water sheds, forests and resources with little to no regard for the indigenous peoples or species that resided long before Europeans arrived and began looting N America's resources on a vast scale.

Lumber makes poor paper and the soft wood from the reforestation farms are no where near the same quality of wood our ancestors cut down with reckless abandon...todays wood is garbage wood...

So what makes better wood than wood? Hemp.
Hemp makes better paper uses less chemicals to make better paper and lasts far longer in the recycle process than wood fibres.

Hemp is a 100 day crop where as poor Q wood is a 60-100 year crop.

As stated on CKTZ 2012 when IT wanted to cut forest for profits for shareholders far away..."If we must cut trees then we should replant with Hemp as Hemp is the better building material with more uses far and wide than timber will ever be."

Wood, absorbs CO2 when wood is a tree. Wood makes CO2 when burned for heat...

Hemp absorbs CO2, is a CO2 sink, a 100 day crop, uses far less chemicals to make pulp/paper/construction materials has uses far beyond pulp/paper and is an easy crop to grow.

The destruction of ecosystem and species across the globe by those who must have wood...sickens me when there are far better choices available Hemp being possibly the best better choice for paper.

City dwellers have no real idea of the impact their incessant need for wood has on the forests, the species who live their and our dying ecosystem world wide.

Please do your part to reduce need for wood products and consider making waves to get Hemp back into legal production now we ALL know how Hemp was de-legitimized in the 1930s.

Its not just for breakfast.

the only solution
Comment by ron lund on 2nd December 2017
thankyou nancy for addressing this important topic. clear cuts on cortes island. and thankyou too to for maintaining a platform on many important topics in the community. here is my opinion of this topic.

my father worked in the forests for most of his life, he worked a small family owned saw mill in the interior, then he started out flying around b.c. working for the government scientists surveying and counting bugs. he got promoted to a position at the forestry center in victoria. later he worked as a consultant for the shaw of iran to develop forestry programs. he became a self taught silviculturist, when the government of bc opened reforestation to private companies, he started a private forest nursery in oliver b.c. later i joined him and together we started another forest nursery in summerland, now called summerland forest nursery.

at 16 i became the second youngest person to be a union labourer in b.c. the youngest being the 15 year old son of the union boss.
later i worked in the plywood mill in victoria and a choker man in kelsey bay, port renfrew, nikite river and pitt meadows.
then i worked at my fathers forest nursery as a labour and by work and nepotism i made it to foreman and eventually partners with him.

after i sold my interest to my father i moved from the okanogan to duncan and started a small hobby farm. there on my small hobby farm i had time and some money to think about my life as a person and a forest worker. several important changes happened here. i became an artist. i felt i have given my life, energy and creativity to business. i wondered what would happen if i gave all my energy to just creating art. i gardened, i painted, i wrote poetry, i sculpted, and i meditated on the destruction of the world mostly as it was manifested in our forests.

i became a forest activist. i fought the pulp mills, the hydro company, the government. i fought to stop the destruction of the world for my children and their children’s sake. i have stood on the front lines of many battles for our forests.

silviculture is not an organic process. from seed to seedling to harvestable timber our forests are treated like industrial farms and not at all like natural forests. it is estimated it could take hundreds even thousands of years to replace the old growth forests we have destroyed. reforestation is a lie. a lie. there is no reforesting going on at all. tree plantations is a more accurate word.

as the world awakens to its self destruction as testified by thousands of scientests, we are having a problem stopping our addictive destructive ways. we have lost sight of our connectedness. we are all one, few realize it. less act on it. a global awakening of our unity both to each other, our world and our actions is what is needed. nothing less. even the greediest of corporate mongers will have to realize there is no profit in making money if we cant survive. profit before sustianabity is the most irresponsible direction we can go. we have proof, we will have to make massive changes to our communal view of the world if we can have any hope for humans not to become an endangered species. we have to stop clear cutting not just to save forests, but to save humans habitat.

merv wilkenson on the wild wood forest began to show us how to manage a forest. but we have to move on a big scale we have to have land reform. we must stop thinking of the land and its life as resources and more as part of our whole body. forests are organs of our body. as are the salmon and the eagle. most just dont know it. chief seatle did, as did john lennon, and the dali lama and bob marley and bono and buddha and jesus and mohammed and all enlightened beings. enlightenment is to be aware of unity. unity always is, awareness is oneness is rare. we can save our forests but we have only one chance. global awaking of awareness of unified cosmos." one or none - dr bronner" we are one. know it or not, r.eady o.r n.ot, l.ike i.t or n.ot.