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General News · 23rd November 2017
A question was publicly asked why non-members of the SCCA who signed the Yes Petition haven’t “put their hand in their own pocket for $7.00”?

The SCCA is a “community charity”. We (ie the community) created the Society 3 generations ago, and local volunteers built the original Mansons Hall decades before becoming a charity.
Successive generations have worked together to build our Community Center and provide a gathering place for islanders.

The value of the assets and building now exceeds $1M, a testament to 90 years of volunteer effort. Mansons Hall and Community Center is a gift to the community that has not cost island taxpayers anything, and islanders have supported the SCCA by contributing time, money, labour skills and goodwill.

We keep our membership rates affordable and reasonable, because we are a charity and our mission is to help support the betterment of island life.

Critics are correct to point out that we could raise additional funds by raising our rates. In the past, our experience is that raising costs reduces income.

Rates are set by the Members at an AGM, if members considered going as far as doubling our rates, we would bring in an additional 1600.00/year. This would be a modest help in meeting expenses, but borne on the pocketbooks of families and supporters who already choose to contribute.

The Board cant speak for the generations of kind and generous folks who call island home and support our community institutions, or for how many dollars each might have given, but we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who volunteered over the decades, and all of you who gave through memberships, gifts, cash donations, volunteer labour and assets to help build community, together.


Total 5yr…………….$7,885.18

Total 5yr…………….$27,582.23

How mean-spirited!
Comment by Stephen Moyse on 24th November 2017
SCCA members put their hands in their own pockets for $7?!

Perhaps to put in their Panama account?!

wow! that is a big increase in donations 16/17 why's that?
Comment by Mike malek on 24th November 2017
Was it a lot of small donations or a few big ones?