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General News · 15th November 2017
We received an inquiry regarding our Board Code of Conduct.
We have posted a copy below for the community's interest.
A CoC is an important part of internal Board governance.
Here are 2 websites that explain the importance of having a CoC.

We welcome your comments, and suggestions to improve our Code.

Southern Cortes Community Association (SCCA)

Share and carry out responsibilities of Board of Directors.

Represent the interests of all people served by the organization.

Keep confidential information confidential.

Approach all SCCA Board issues with an open mind.

Make decisions for the Board in the best interests of the Board and the organization.

Uphold the trust of the electors/members.

Focus efforts on the purpose, core values and constitutional purpose of the organization and not on personal goals.

Exercise authority as a Board member only and do not speak for the Board as a whole in public situations unless authorized to do so.

Do not approach other organizations, government authorities or funding bodies unless directed and authorized by the Board of Directors through a motion made and carried at a regular SCCA Board meeting or at a Annual General Meeting.

Abide by federal, provincial and municipal laws.

Attend at least 2/3 of all regularly scheduled Board meetings. Notify the President prior to the meeting if you cannot attend.

I, the undersigned, being a member of the Southern Cortes Community Association (SCCA) Board of Directors agree to and will comply with the SCCA Code of Conduct

______________________________________ _______________________
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Cortes Island Resident
Comment by Wilson Baker on 18th November 2017
Members of the SCCA Board of Directors should be property owners/renters and residents of Cortes Island.