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General News · 21st November 2017
As most of you know by now, there has been an initiative to have a referendum on a property tax to fund the community halls on Cortes Island. Until now the WCC has followed the progress at the SRD but has not committed for or against the hall tax. At this point we have been asked to make our position clear so:

On November 27th, at the Gorge Hall, at 7pm, the WCC will be hosting a mediated MEMBERS ONLY, respectful and civil discussion and vote by secret ballot regarding the WCC involvement in a hall tax; specifically the following motion:

If a referendum on a hall tax passes, the Whaletown Community Club will participate in the funding process: yes/no

Doors will open at 6:30pm for those who need to purchase or renew their memberships. While all members will have a chance to speak only those members residing in Whaletown (with borders defined by Thunder Road/Blue Jay Lake) will be issued a ballot as per our constitution.
Comment by Leona Jensen on 22nd November 2017
I can't agree with voting on a hypothetical situation. "If......" It is like saying "If I asked you, would you marry me? "
for or against a tax?
Comment by Tom Bohart on 15th November 2017
In the text Rose stated the purpose of the meeting is to determine if the WCC is for or against a hall tax. I don't think this is clear in the motion they propose to vote on. I also don't see what the rush is: Noba has just said that there won't be a SRD meeting on the tax for at least four months. And SRD has chastised us for putting the cart before the horse. I'm sure SRD expects the WCC to be there with their hand out if the tax happens.
carts, horses, and canoes
Comment by Wendy L. on 14th November 2017
Getting down to grass roots ‘general suffrage’- local NGO’s stipulate you have to become a member to vote at meetings. If a vote concerns your property taxes and you're not a member you can't play but you'll have to pay!

A referendum is only one of the voting assent processes used by Local governments.

The WCC motion hastily and possibly deceptively asks for a vote from an uninformed public on issues where information is not yet available..

The Campbell River Mirror reported on the hall tax/referendum item at the October Electoral Areas Services Committee Meeting:

“Whether or not the issue goes to a referendum is still up in the air, however the CAO of the Regional District stressed that at this point a lot more information needs to be gathered before a decision can be made on whether or not a hall tax, or even a referendum, is appropriate.”
As such the CAO stressed to the Committee and public gallery, any hall tax/referendum petitions and correspondence were putting the cart long before the horse.
In my view it’s called paddling down the river before the canoe has even been built.
Democracy in Action
Comment by Walker Evans on 14th November 2017
Ok. Whoever wants money, raise your hands.
Whoever doesn't, keep your hands down.
That's it. The ayes have it !
What a farce. And only paid members between road X and road Z can vote. Because we are the community. :(
I think ask two questions
Comment by mike malek on 14th November 2017
Do you want a hall tax?

If there is a hall tax do you want wcc to get some money?
Comment by ashe on 14th November 2017
As a WCC member it feels like a step forward to be able to vote, in order to vote. Voting is a right we all have, and I appreciate the choice. There is a tendency to back away from conflict, because nobody wants it...but then often its pressure that polishes the stone and helps to create change. Let's keep it real, and not let politics break up the good thing we have going here. Let's just see what the will in the community is?
Comment by Rod Lee on 14th November 2017
Who has asked you to make your position known? Please tell us who is pressuring you to make your position known? You and the executive have correctly stood aside from this subject as it is just a fantasy at this time and any involvement will only add inappropriate influence about this subject!