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General News · 4th November 2017
Russel Haddow
Luna, the large black dog, has recently been adopted into a loving new home. This article is a brief record of how this came to be.

As some may know, some years ago I (Russel) was looking for a new home for Luna, a lovely canine friend.

As it happened I was unprepared to be a single, full time dog person, yet found myself in this role, and did my very best to fulfill it.

Fast forward to Wednesday, October 25th, a stiff breeze was propelling my sailboat south down the Salish Sea, and I needed to seek shelter to rearrange the vessels tender.

After anchoring on Harwood Island, I contacted the First Nation of the area to ask permission to land and express my purpose for landing.

Luna and her close canine friend proceeded to run free upon the island and 15 minutes later only one of the dogs returned. As it was nearing nightfall, and was still quite windy, I called for Luna and expected she had either suffered a heart attack from her love of running or would return to the beach we had anchored at.

She frequently returns from a run utterly exhausted, panting for up to an hour to regain calmness.

Calling her name had no results, and I returned to the boat.

After a calm night without hearing a howl from Luna, a search was had for Luna in the morning, to no avail.

I yelled her name, as I mourned her. As she often yowls if she is unable to find me, I felt she would be yowling and howling, and would be easy to hear. If she had broken a leg she would return to the beach on three.

I set sail mourning her passing, with a strong heart, feeling my good friend had transitioned to a new way of being.

Friday I received a phone call and my heart lifted. Luna had been found.

As it turned out, Luna was somehow lost on the island, likely her harness got caught on a bush. Apparently it is quite common for dog harnesses to get caught on things.

Please be aware of this, especially if your dog wears a harness. The harness was new to Luna, and I was unaware of the risk of it getting caught on a branch or stick and entangling her.

The woman who found her was rightfully suspicious of my treatment of Luna, as many people try to abandon their dogs, and asked if I even wanted her back, to which I replied "Of Course!", yet the next time we talked, I was calmer.

I explained that I had previously looked for a new home for Luna, and no suitable family stepped forward, until now.

Now Luna has been given the opportunity to live with close friends, a family who has always loved her, and accepted her into their home.

Florence, Amelia, Clayton, Jordan and Krista Smith, and their kitty, are the members of Luna's new family.

I am so grateful Luna has a family who cherishes her, and I continue to cry and smile as an expression of how strongly I feel for Luna and how grateful I am for what we have shared, and what she has taught me.

My biggest concern is communicating with Luna that we all feel a new home is what is best, for her and us, and that we give her full permission to shift her faithfulness and support to focus on the health and well being of her new family.

A family change may take some time and support to adjust to, for all of us, and I ask for your support and understanding in this new chapter of our lives. This change feels right in my heart, and the hearts of Luna's new family.

If there are any questions or concerns about this, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you,

Russel Haddow
Luna's new home
Comment by Nancy Silver on 12th November 2017
Waiting for a flight home, opened Tideline and saw your moving account of finding Luna a new home.
I am so touched at your ability to love, and care and nurture. You are the fineist of souls, and you gave this dog so much of your self for so many years.
Now it is time to sail the open sea(towards San Francisco) Love you! Nancy
Rescuing Luna
Comment by Susan MacKay - on 6th November 2017
Nicely written Russ. We're all thrilled at how everything turned out. She was so excited when she saw Krista.
Comment by Paul Ryan on 6th November 2017
Don't worry. She will know!
love and kinship
Comment by mielle chandler on 5th November 2017
Russ--just want to express how much love i have for you and Luna. it was wonderful to spend a winter sharing a home with both of you. i so admire the beautiful way you parented her. it is a testament to the openness of your heart that you have expanded her circle of kin like this.
Comment by henry hornsby on 5th November 2017
Russ, did you write this yourself? Very well done. And Luna gets to be my neighbor again. Write on!