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General News · 25th October 2017
SCCA Julian
We respond to the question “Why have Playschool labor costs increased from 6,781 in 2013/14 to 18,008 in 2016/17”

The primary reason Playschool costs have increased is due to an increase in enrolment.  We experienced a larger enrolment and thus required an increase in our teaching staff from one person, to two as per the Licensing Regulations we operate under.  When enrolment increases - so does revenue - which in turn enables the program to support itself.

The population of children varies from year-to-year, and we respond accordingly.
The wages for the Parent & Tot program are also included in the payroll for Playschool.
Our Playschool has moved from a parent participation model to a fully staffed model in order to support the current parent body. Some years we have more working, and/or single parents.

Our Playschool is entirely funded by grants, donations and user fees, and with careful financial management generates a small cash surplus most years. We re-invest these dedicated funds back into the facility. To keep costs low for parents, we do not charge rent, but we do charge a pro-rata share of general overhead.

We tried increasing our rates a few years ago, but the cost was unaffordable for our low-income families. We lost participants, and were no longer meeting the needs of the community. In other words, increased rates = lower enrollment = reduced days of Playschool, or the need to fundraise.

The Playschool overhead and labour costs are not part of our Core Funding request for the proposed tax service. Playschool is self-supporting.

We invite your further questions regarding Playschool, or any other inquiries you may have.

Please note that we are a Charity in service to the community, and that operating a Playschool is part of our Constitution.