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General News · 23rd October 2017
Co-op Cafe - Greg
The Co-op Cafe's Dream Cuisine team is thrilled to welcome back chef Yifan Li for another Sichuan sizzler!

Thursday, November 2nd
5:30 or 7:30 pm

$33/adult, $20/kids
Reservations required, Drop by the Co-op to book before Wednesday November 1st.

Yifan's meals from the Chinese region of Sichuan sizzle, both figuratively and literally! A favourite of the Dream Cuisine series, be sure to book early as Yifan's meals always sell out.

Liang ban bo cai: Wilted spinach salad with a ginger rice vinegar dressing

Main, served with Jasmine Rice:
Kou shui ji: Mouth-watering chicken. Thighs poached in an aromatic Five Spice broth and tossed with wood ear mushroom. Dressed up with spice infused chili-sesame oil and sprinkled with chopped peanuts.

Fu pi qing jiao Tiger skin bell peppers: Fresh red peppers pan seared and braised in a savory ginger-garlic sauce

Jiu cai cao dou fu gan Leeks fried with smoked tofu: Sliced leeks tossed with garlic and smoked tofu in a hot wok

Tang yuan: Glutinous rice(sticky rice) dumplings filled with a mixture of red bean paste, chopped peanuts, and sesame seeds

Yifan Li hails from Chengdu, a city nestled deep in the mountains of Sichuan, China, renowned for its rich culinary tradition. Sichuan cuisine is famed internationally for its bold flavour combinations, varied textures, and vibrant colours. Yifan learned to cook from his mom and has spent his adult life chasing after the tantalizing flavours and textures of the cuisine he loves.