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General News · 1st October 2017
Hello Cortes...

justa few thoughts keepin' me awake at night.

Even though there is no mechanical noise tonight, the issue continues to impede my personal sleep time and I have risen from the bed to offer a point or two.

A recent article states that property earmarked for retirement was recently sold after 12 years due to noise as owner could not see living with the noise in perpetuity.

A little websearching and one can find this noise issue has been ongoing for more than fifteen years.
ie There was a death of a long time resident published on Tideline. I forget his name. Did not know him. But what I recall was seeing his obit on tideline and then wondering what contribution he had made over his lifetime to our community. I did a web search to learn he had brought this very same issue up 15 years ago to no avail and it was an ongoing issue THEN! (so wish I hadda saved that) Possibly this person lived near the entrance, was a long time member of community iirc. His grievances are on here somewhere...

The Aqua culture in non compliance with the community plan bylaws, regulations, Fishery regulations and more are defended by some who state to the effect "AquaCulture provides jobs". About as many as 36 jobs is the number I have heard. I do not know.

But what comes to mind is how many jobs were lost when the earlier author stated he sold his dream property where he was going to build his retirement home due to noise. How many carpenters finishers plumbers electricians landscapers are not going to get those jobs now the home is not going to be built? 36? More? Less?

How many others may not build their dream homes?

In discussion earlier today Oct 1/17 I spoke with people earnestly looking, who have the money to buy land for sale on Gorge but absolutely refuse to buy in while this continuance of nuisance persists.
What is the potential loss here? How many people are standing down on buying in while this issue persists unresolved with little to suggest peace and quiet is on the horizon. How many properties are not selling for this reason alone? Or for sale for the same reason?

I don't claim to have the answer/s.

I am not against AquaCulture in whole.

Nor do I wish to see the tideline of the Gorge overly populated with new structures.

For me though the defense that jobs is why those in breach of the bylaws and regs get a free pass is nonsensical and fallacious. There are bigger consequential losses thrust upon upland owners/buyers/sellers unseen and this may (or may not) effect property values short/long term overall. It most certainly IS effecting sales today.

The regulations put in place by those before us so we could assume a continuance of the peace and tranquility do not seem to be held in high regard here.

why is that?