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Health & Wellness - Treatments
Craniosacral therapy aims to treat each individual with a holistic approach, so a very wide range of situations may benefit from treatment, including some of the following:
Stress and tension-related disorders
Health issues related to chronic stress
Emotional/physical stress or trauma
Autoimmune disease
Digestive Issues
Acute and chronic pain conditions
TMJ issues (jaw tightness, pain)
Ear aches/chronic ear infections
Addiction issues
Pregnancy (pre and post natal)
Birth trauma

Almost anyone can benefit from Craniosacral, as it helps to balance the Central Nervous System. BCST can assist any individual who wishes to address her/his concern from this core place with holistic benefits. This work complements other healing practices as well as medical treatment

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) is a gentle, hands-on treatment for improving the health of the whole body - especially the nervous system. The client remains fully clothed and the touch is light and still. BCST helps to balance and restore proper function in the body, while releasing the effects of stress, tension, injury and trauma.

As blockages and restrictions resolve and flow is restored throughout the entire system, the body’s reserves of energy and capacity for repair and wellness increase. BCST supports both emotional health and brings balance to body processes such as sleep, digestion, immune function and relieving chronic pain.