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General News · 29th September 2017
Twincomm is a locally-based internet service provider (ISP), serving Cortes Island for over 15 years, with close to 400 Cortes customers in the communities of Mansonís Landing, Squirrel Cove, Whaletown, and the Klahoose First Nation. Founded in 1999 and named after Twin Islands, Twincomm employees four full-time employees and three part-time employees.

Internet Services are delivered by a broad-band wireless network from internet connections in Campbell River, Lund and Mansonís Landing. Twincommís over 700 customers range from Cortes Island, west to Quadra Island, east to Lund and as far south as Texada Island. We continue to strive to offer a competitive internet experience, while delivering exceptional customer service to our customers.

2017 has brought many changes to our network and customer service experience. We have tripled our bandwidth capacities and implemented automatic failover routing to most of our network, which will increase reliability in the event of server failure. Backup power has been added to multiple locations to keep the internet on during power outages, speeds and data allowances have been improved to keep up with ever increasing demand. July 2017 brought our long-awaited service delivery into Heriot Bay and Open Bay on Quadra Island. A new tower was built on Twin Islands, which has greatly improved the speeds and reliability to customers on the east side of Cortes.

In January 2017, customers enjoyed an increase in data in our service plans. Entertainment and Business Plans now offer unlimited upload and download between 12am and 6am. With the implementation of the Twincomm Usage Portal, customers can login and view usage, and receive email notifications when 75% and 95% of the data in their service plan has been reached. Text message notifications and 100% of data notifications are also available.

As of October 1, 2017, we are pleased to announce we are again increasing the data and speeds in our service plans. Here is a look at our new data plans:

Residential Plans:

Lite Service Plan - increased from 30 GB to 40 GB
Standard Service Plan - includes 80 GB
Standard Plus Service Plan - increased from 100 GB to 130 GB
Entertainment Service Plan - increased from 160 GB to 200 GB
Entertainment Plus - increased from 300 GB to 400 GB

Pricing for residential plans remain the same.

Business Plans:

Business Service Plan - increased from 160 GB to 220 GB
Business Plus Service Plan - increased from 300 GB to 420 GB
Business Premium Service Plan - increased from 650 GB to 700 GB

Please note, as of November 1, 2017, the pricing for the Business Plan and the Business Plus will increase by $10/mo. Pricing for the Business Premium Plan remain the same.

Visit our website at for more details regarding data, speeds and pricing. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for up-to-date information on planned network upgrades, and service updates - links can be found on the website.

We also wanted to mention, our co-worker, Lee Whittle, has retired from Twincomm after 12 years. Since 2005, Lee from Campbell River, has lived on Cortes for two weeks of the month and has been a huge part of what Twincomm is today. We wish Lee the very best in his next chapter, and eagerly await his next creation on his 3D printer!

A final note of thanks to all our customers and repeater stations, new and established over the years. Thank you for your business and support ~ we appreciate you!

Questions or Concerns? Feel free to contact us 1.866.446.6004, or via our contact us page

Many thanks from all of us at Twincomm,

Management and Tech Support: Dino, Om, Shaun, Susanna and Lyle
Customer Accounts: Colleen, Debbie and Kiera

Just a friendly reminder, if at anytime, you are experiencing issues with your service, please call or email us, so we can diagnose the issue, to provide you with the best service possible!

Editors note: Our 2017 feature for sponsors; when sponsors renew their yearly sponsorship they can post and article about their business in this section.
South Twin Repeater Station
South Twin Repeater Station
Hope Point Repeater Station
Hope Point Repeater Station
Open Bay Repeater to Heriot Bay
Open Bay Repeater to Heriot Bay
Comment by Twincomm on 5th October 2017
We appreciate the encouragement! We would love to serve 100% of the island and we are always working hard on expanding our service area. Unfortunately there are many challenges that come with certain areas, mainly due to topography (hills, trees, etc) not allowing our signals to propagate. If you are unsure if Twincomm is in your area please give us a call and we can come do a test and see if it's possible.

Hi Nickie,
Unfortunately there are no plans to service your area in the near future as we have not been able to get a signal there with current technology.

Hi Peter,
I'm not aware of where you live, if you haven't had us come for a test please feel free to give us a call and we can come see if service is possible.

Hi Carol,
We had hoped to get service in your area but unfortunately we weren't able to get a good enough signal to make it work. We've been working on some other ideas but nothing concrete as of yet. Please touch base with us again once your contract is up.

Thank you all,
Xplornet Hassles
Comment by Carol on 5th October 2017
Maybe it is too late to comment on this but when we moved here, we found we could not use Twin Comm until they put in another dish. We had no choice but to go with Xplornet. As they were hooking us up, they finally got around to disclosing that we would have to sign a 2 year contract. Then the wonderful phone plan they promised turned out to be 100 % long distance calls. Then we had all kinds of problems with our Internet GBs disappearing. We'd come in from working on our property for several days without any computers on and learn our Internet usage was all used up. We upped to 100 GBs and same thing. This went on for months. Here's hoping Twin Comm can service our area when our two year contract is up ...
Another sigh
Comment by Peter Jackel on 1st October 2017
I agree with Nikie though I don't think Xplornet is stupid, just expensive and not as fast as Twincomm with less data. Twincomm may have 400 Cortes customers but I wonder how many on Cortes can't get Twincomm and have to put up with second tier internet.
Comment by Nikie on 30th September 2017
I don't know about everyone else stuck with stupid Xplorenet, but I'm jealous.