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General News · 29th September 2017
Sandra Junkin
“The Dive at Manson’s Landing”
“Right now, I’m re-thinking the whole thing.” – says the boy,
on the dock,
high above the water,
at low tide.
“You can do it, Timmy.” – says the woman
in a boat,
with a dog and a girl,
far below the dock.
“I’m just re-thinking this whole thing.” – says the boy,
poised to dive,
at the edge of the dock.
“There is the ladder – go down a bit, dive from there. Hurry. We have to go.”- says the woman
in the boat,
far below the dock.
“You know I can’t do that.” – says the boy.
“It’s okay, Timmy. You can do it next year.” – says the girl,
In the boat,
Far below the dock.
Then, suddenly, in a perfect arc, the boy was in the air.
The dog started up a raucous barking, the family clapped.
The boy surfaced.
He looked up,
to the dock,
Far above the water, at low tide.

Maybe at high tide?
Comment by Nikie on 1st October 2017
I'm not judging, I'm not even sure this isn't supposed to be a metaphor, but do I know someone who broke their neck doing that.