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General News · 18th September 2017
George Donalds
I read with great interest the letter from Amanda Glickman dealing with respect in Gorge Harbour in dealing with the "shellfish farming challenges", by the time I finished the letter I was angry .

It was like reading a letter from the government, it offered no answers and no recognition of the real problem. It is implied in her letter that the people living on the Gorge need to show more respect for the operations and need not bring up the past. That the solution agreed upon by ISF almost 7 years ago is not legally binding and that its very complicated , maybe even too complicated for the average upland owner to understand. She suggests that we should let the new process unfold and in the end all will be good.
The entire problem as i see it is that ISF agreed to a solution in lieu of legal action , never followed it or made an effort too. That the RD never took it seriously and therefore never enforced it and that this NEW stakeholders meetings will somehow magically fix it. Maybe she wants us to forget that ISF and the RD agreed to a deal already, and that is what she means by we cant keep bringing up the past.

Respect is earned Amanda Glickman and in some cases, given until it has been proven that someone no longer deserves it. I would easily argue that ISF had years to work with the upland owners , ignored us, treated us as an irritant until Gorge Harbour Marina became effected . When they started to raise the issue , people came out of the woodwork who had been silenced for years to vent their anger and frustration for years of inaction.

Land owners are mad as hell , if you have not noticed , and are not going to put up with it anymore.

Respect has never been shown to us from ISF or the RD on this issue and you ask us to be respectful? I think its ISF who needs to show us respect , close to ten years to fix the problems have lead to nothing , no real effort has ever been put in by ISF and you ask us to give them more time?

No upland owners complain about a dead sea floor under the rafts , we complain of noise above acceptable levels, boats rushing about the harbour, wild foul being chased by their boats , the sinking of boats and a huge collection of garbage on the shoreline from their operations, promises after promises made but never kept, these are the issues. The comment on what the seafloor looks like are a red herring.

I owned land in a coop for 12 years on the Harbour and recently sold it because I could never see myself building that retirement home on the water. It simply had become to busy with rafts, noise at all hours, workers partying on the rafts , boats zipping around chasing ducks on a quiet winter evening until midnight. No one showed me respect no matter how many times I brought up the issues with ISF personally .

Big problems - Nice words - No action = No respect
Comment by Ray on 26th September 2017

I too find myself in an adversarial position to Mrs Glickmans position of live and let ISF run all over our rights, community regs and Fishery regs...

why, would any of us respect any rules, laws etc when others are in blatant disregard for the rules past and present?
Comment by Brian Hayden on 23rd September 2017
I applaud George Donald for telling it like it is. It is too bad that more residents on the Gorge don't stand up in the same way.