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Toolbox touching the ramp
General News · 8th September 2017
Might be interesting, so here it is:
6:30 am – was 30th in the lineup for the ferry; 23 cars were already parked there overnight…
7:50 am – 29 cars loaded on board, and I was the first left behind
11:05 am – finally on board, after all of us missed the 10:05 Campbell River ferry

4:10 pm – placed on the outside overflow parking and missed the 4:30 ferry
5:25 pm – on board the ferry to Campbell River
6:45 pm – on board, but the ferry could not depart on schedule.

An oversized truck delivering big dia. culvert and other equipment to Cortes got stuck on the ramp in Heriot Bay. The tide was at its high, and the ramp’s hinged part was pushed up too much for the truck’s tool box to clear it.
9 pm – a towing truck arrived from Campbell River dispatched for help; it pulled the truck up just enough to clear the hinges and left after half an hour probably on the truck owner’s request.
The truck driver, helped by the crew and one volunteering experienced passenger, made several back and forth attempts to back his 75 foot long two-platform load up the curved access ramp, and finally made it at 10:45 pm
The last waiting Cortes Island small truck, loaded with oyster farm equipment, made it onboard
The ferry departed at 10:55, arrived at 11:30 pm, and we made it home just before midnight.

Think it is interesting to read. I would like to commend the crew on their friendly approach, timely information, providing access to the telephone, inviting us to their lunch room, and on serving us cookies & drinks (well - Pepsi, etc.). Things like the last night’s occurrence occasionally happen, and we do understand it. However, what really counts, is a warm and friendly smile. Thank you BC folks for doing that!
After finally making it home, I found my wife under the blanket and the cat taking my place in the bed. As the saying goes: when the cat's away… The only difference was that I was the mouse returning home...
Please see my pictures, taken mostly at ISO 12,800.
Many experts
Many experts
And the party goes on...
And the party goes on...
Almost there...
Almost there...
When a mouse is away, the cat will play...
When a mouse is away, the cat will play...
great story
Comment by meinsje vlaming on 10th September 2017
I have been thinking for a while to write a small book with ferry stories , will call it ferry tales.This will be a lovely story!!
Great photo journalism
Comment by Tom Alba on 9th September 2017

A special thank you for the photo lesson.

Thanks for that, Jurek
Comment by Ian Ross on 8th September 2017
Your gracious attitude is wonderful, Jurek. As someone who drove truck between Cortes and Vancouver for more than many years, I found it truly amazing, given the size of the BCF fleet and the incredible number of sailings they accomplish each day, that almost all of these go off without a hitch. I once had the experience, driving the Cortes Transport truck, of being on 'our' boat with a dead starter: I got on the boat at Whaletown, but couldn't get off at Heriot Bay. The crew were incredibly patient and helpful and upbeat and, fortunately, the truck was loaded in such a way that all other cars and passengers were able to unload when we arrived at Heriot Bay. I, though, spent two sailings going back and forth between Heriot Bay and Whaletown, waiting for a tow-truck to arrive at Heriot Bay to tow me off. $1500 dollars (and six or seven hours) later, "Pearl" and myself eventually arrived in Campbell River (at the mechanics) but, thanks to Gord Nettleton and the BCF crew, we (Pearl and I) arrived feeling thankful for living in such a place where things like this sometime happen and, because we are small here and rural and know one another and how things unforeseen can sometimes adversely affect our day, there seems to be an understanding and a gentler and more forgiving way of seeing things than exists (if you watch the news) elsewhere in the world.
Thanks for the photos and, too of course, your good humour in reporting.
PS. Anne-Lise says to thank you for mentioning the cat. Cats are, of course, some of the finest folk we know.