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General News · 8th September 2017
Diane Lloyd
I want to take this opportunity to commend those who have demonstrated class, character and courage in their discussions, on-line postings and printed messages regarding the current issues under discussion about the “NO” and “YES” petitions re: the proposed referendum for taxation to support the community halls.

There is no doubt that the community halls are a very important part of Island living here on Cortes and thus, deserve a consultative process that reflects the heart of the people and workable resolutions that will address the issues at hand. I am fully aware of the Open Space meeting that happened in 2010, prior to the arrival of Mark, my husband and I, to Cortes Island in March, 2011. We have read the notes from that meeting to be better informed about the issues at that time.

I think we can all say that we are thankful to Sue Ellingsen for her hours of work and dedication in her role as President of the Cortes Island Senior’s Society. But this is not about Sue Ellingsen or the committee that is spearheading the “YES” petition for the proposed referendum.

This is all about honouring a consultative process that is done with integrity, transparency and a servant leadership mindset. As someone who has years of experience in human resources strategic management, as a professional and volunteer, as well as serving others through my own coaching and consulting company, I do have some credibility in what I am sharing herein.

I would, therefore, encourage all of us to search our hearts and be armed with the facts, not hearsay, so at the end of the day, each of us is at peace with whatever petition we have signed. It is not my intention to sway you one way or the other at this point to which petition you should have signed, but to issue a word of caution. That we all have signed the petition of our own choice, not a choice that is done out of fear, community pressure, intimidation and/or for political reasons, but because you believe it is the right thing to do.