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General News · 7th September 2017
After once more witnessing and hearing the furore over the Hall tax, I'd like to resubmit an alternate idea.

Forget the Hall. It's rather obvious the $7 per month tax is far too onerous for anyone living here. While the Hall has simply become a focal point for frustrations and venting. Not worth the $7 per month when there are other options with less cost associated for division and ranting purposes.

Such as the proposal I'll give here for your well considered perusal. Take the money currently used to run the Hall and utilise that to build a far less expensive to run and maintain rail-road track across the island. Doesn't matter if it travels horizontally, diagonally, east to west, north to south, long as it bisects the island into halves. Then, we could all argue about which side of those tracks is the 'right' side to be on. A straight line is easiest to install, while a circle track changes the dynamics too extremely. For, with a circle the 'Us vs Them' becomes "Those within vs those without".

I've heard that the Hall pays somewhere around $10,000 per year just for insurance. Combined with any transferable grants the Hall does manage to receive through some very strident and diligent work of those doing the applications for grants, there would be a decent start for building the rail-road.

Did I mention there is no need for the train component? We only need the divisionary, visible tracks to denote the boundary for each side to take a stand upon. Once completed, the maintenance costs will be negligible, relatively nothing.

[only trying for a little levity amidst the snow-balling gravity of frustrations and even anger among the community. Honestly, the gravity given to a $7 per month tax astonishes me. Yes, I too believe we are taxed to death these days, but is this minuscule amount per month really the arena for such an often vehemently staunch protest? Maybe it is for some people's principles, understood. Yet, compared to the damage of community relations, I can't agree the weight given to it is proportional to the issue, only my opinion. If nothing else, hope I made one person smile. Only the best wishes to all my neighbours,.....keep smiling, looks good on all of you]
Comment by Eddy on 9th September 2017
I do understand what you refer to as the 'wish'. However, I think you may misunderstand what my prime wish is in writing what I did.

To me, the tax is a very minor issue, even with 'slippery slopes' and all. The far larger issue is the damages to community the resultant divide creates. Sure, everyone has a view on this, that's great and all should be heard. When I read comments like "Tax lovers" and "Tax haters" in people's comments, what I mainly hear is divisiveness that helps nothing. In fact, it harms more than it will ever help.

Which means, my comment's 'wish' is for far less divisive words to argue one's position. "Lovers" and "haters" are not adjectives that will facilitate ongoing friendly discussion, they set boundaries.

So, yes, I fully agree with being careful with wishes, but my only real wish is for a community that can discuss any issue with far less hostile comments and wordings.

All the best to everyone, hope we can bring the boiling point down a few degrees. Thanks for allowing me to clarify my 'wish', Mike. Since, I stridently don't want any 'railway tracks' bisecting our community, real or analogous.

[and no, I'm not a "tax lover". I just love a healthy community that can discuss issues]
How about we all buy a ferry to lund.
Comment by mike malek on 7th September 2017
Be careful what you wish for.