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Mansons Hall ca 1960
General News · 2nd September 2017
John Mottishaw
Ever since we first arrived on Cortes Island in 1972 the Manson’s Landing Community Hall has been an important to us. We have seen it evolve and grow from a one-room building with an outhouse for such events as dances and civic meetings to a community centre with activities and services for all ages including modern public restrooms and a convenient post office. Over the years, services started in Manson’s Hall have outgrown the available space and needed their own facilities, including the doctor’s office, regional library, food coop and Cortes radio as well as a credit union and North Island College office. Mansons hall has been and should continue to be an incubator for enterprises.

Barrie and I are no longer full-time residents but still maintain a home here. We do not qualify for home owners grants or to vote in elections. Even though we pay property taxes at the highest rate, we strongly feel that adding a mill rate to our bill is something we are comfortable with. Cortes is no longer a place where a bake sale or other voluntary fund raising effort can be relied on to provide a solid fiscal footing into the future. We strongly urge everyone who values Cortes community halls to support a capped mill rate tax on property to provide essential support.

Write to the Strathcona Regional District expressing your support by 9 September at this address:

John and Barrie Mottishaw
Cute picture of
Comment by Patricia L on 4th September 2017
Jimmy Hansen
a note of thanks
Comment by Juli on 3rd September 2017
I just wanted to say how grateful we are to the small group of committed community members, who work so hard to insure community spaces exist on Cortes. Thanks for continuing to share your sweet time in support of all of the people who call this home! I believe comments like the one below really are the minority opinion.
Also was thinking the same thing as Max. Our family (renters) would be happy to do more to support the halls, and would potentially sponsor a home owner.
funding freedom
Comment by Wendy L. on 3rd September 2017
Charitable giving is voluntary. It doesn't involve coercion or obligation.
We’ve been told there are over 400 Yes petition signatures. These people can of their own free will support the SCCA with a donation , and receive a tax receipt depending on the donation size.

It would help set the bar for a reasonable budget figure.
Private Club. You Pay
Comment by Walker Evans on 3rd September 2017
The Mansons Hall is essentially a private club that opens its doors to the public for free or for a nominal fee. If you use it then you shouldn't mind paying more for the privilege. To subject property owners to increased taxes to support your private club is a form of tyranny. Let's be clear. If there is a referendum it will no doubt be in the winter when many property owners are away and unable to vote. This has nothing in common with democracy. This is a small group of determined people bent on imposing their will upon the rest of us. Shame on you.
Ya, and maybe offer subsidies for some?
Comment by Max thaysen on 3rd September 2017
If there are some property owners who feel strongly against paying this extra tax for halls, why not give them an exemption. or we can raise money to offset that cost for them. I'll sponsor a property owner.
Perhaps that would make everyone happy?