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General News · 2nd September 2017
Mary Clare Preston
The funding of our halls is being discussed again, and I have signed a petition in support of holding a referendum on whether the RD should be funding them. For the record, I would like the RD to know that my family and I, who have lived in this community for more than 20 years, have seen the value of our halls, as hubs of the community. Manson’s Hall, and the Gorge Hall are centres of the community providing programing, support and a social centre for many in our community. Klahoose too has a thriving community centre, which I understand has a different funding model to be determined by Klahoose Governance.
I would like to see our halls have solid core funding that enables a sense of stability for staffing and programing. I support public funding because it is democratic. Decisions about how the funding is allocated are done by a broader community base and can be more needs based.
I believe our society is stronger and healthier when we take care of each other and when there is a centre for community support and programing. Whether or not I take advantage of the support and programing, that it is there for those who do, benefits me because I as an individual benefit from being part of a healthy community.
I am happy to be paying Income Tax and Property Tax however it is frustrating to have so little say in how those funds are distributed. In general I would like to see my taxes go toward social programs and infrastructure rather than say… propping up the military/industrial complex or… bailing out banks, or …. Corporate welfare. Public Healthcare and Education are cornerstones of our Canadian Identity and though they are not perfect, I believe they mitigate the impact of the gross disparity of wealth that is present in our society. Our society would benefit from more of this mitigation. At the Regional District level of governance I believe supporting community centres is a continuation of an ideal to build social wellbeing. Yes this is a tax I can stand up for.