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General News · 1st September 2017
I think we are all very clear where Sue, Peter and Rod stand on this topic, so if they have more to share I think it's time they meet up and talk it over. (I called all three to let them know their articles are up, and that's the space they have been given) In the mean time we have lots to read and also give other people the space to say what they want to say.

So if you want to write something:
- Commenting? Post it as a comment to the specific article.
- A short note but not a comment: short ads go in the classifieds.
- Not related to any of the articles and it is lengthy: post a new article.

If you forget your full name or contact info it won't get posted and please try hard to make your point in a kind and informative way.

Put your note aside and read it again in the morning. If there is some tweaking to do; that would be the time. If you still think it is exactly right, or made your edits, press submit and it will appear within 12 hours.

Maybe we can agree to disagree while informing our neighbours and friends of our personal opinion in a constructive way.

Thanks everyone.
On the other hand, if you have no television-
Comment by Nicole Marlyn on 3rd September 2017
Mind you, I had started looking forward each morning to sitting down with a coffee and checking out the most recent, ah, rebuttal. Sort of entertaining, in a way. Like reality TV, only, you know, Real.

Still, glad someone's being a Guiding Voice of Reason.
thankyou Ester
Comment by Sonya Friesen on 2nd September 2017
Your efforts to provide this open mike is of great value to clearing the fog in the issues. The methods you use to keep it on track and respectful I so appreciate .
Thanks Ester
Comment by Clio FM on 1st September 2017
I so value and appreciate this forum, you do such an epic job!