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General News · 1st September 2017
Myrna Kerr
From an Editorial comment published in the (Victoria) Times Colonist August 30/17

In response to an article by Jack Knox on the issue of proposed incorporation of an Gulf Island, a letter from a Victoria resident to the editorial page was published under the title: Everyone on ..... has strong opinions.

"Valdy's description of (a gulf island, not Cortes) as "a difference of opinion surrounded by water" perfectly describes that lovely Southern Gulf Island, a place I like much better now that I no longer live there.

During my residence on - Island I briefly volunteered at the ..... Info Centre. At the time, there was a contest to design a flag unique to ..... that would reflect island values. One of the witty volunteers with whom I worked a shit whipped out a blank sheet of paper, drew a rectangle, dividing it in half with a line down the middle. On one side. she wrote "FOR" and on the opposite half "AGAINST." that sums up life on ..... ISLAND, where everyone has strong opinions."

Do we need a flag for Cortes? Seems like there is a prototype!

Myrna Kerr

Why a rectangular flag?!
Comment by Nicole Marlyn on 3rd September 2017
Sometimes I really wish this site had a "LIKE" button.
cortez flag
Comment by mike malek on 1st September 2017
i think left to right on a downward angle.
Enough Division!!
Comment by Radio Sean on 1st September 2017
Actually Myrna, we DON'T need a flag anything like that at all.
What we need is a flag that is a big empty square which we ALL as a Community stand inside of trying our best to Co-operate, get along, respect each other opinions, and not create more divisiveness where there is more than enough already. Respectfully; Sean
circle meet square
Comment by Ray on 1st September 2017
as the use of a straight line vertical horizontal or diagonal is likely to be seen as insensitive to curved lines everywhere the only solution may be a circle within a square...
Comment by Tom Bohart on 1st September 2017
We'd have to agree if the line was vertical or horizontal, or corner to corner - many meetings - it would take all winter.