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General News · 1st September 2017
Peter Henbury, WCC Secretary
Regarding his recent Tideline article, it must be pointed out to the community at large that Rod Lee is not actually in a position to say whether the Whaletown Community Club and the Gorge Hall will or will not participate in a possible hall tax, since the club has, as yet, taken no official position on that issue. He is not on the Executive of the WCC and thus is not in a position to speak on its behalf: he is only one member among many and not the club’s spokesperson. He appears to have unilaterally decided that only the SCCA and Mansons Hall will participate in a hall tax, but in this he does not actually represent the WCC at all.

For him to state unequivocally that the petition being circulated is “for a tax on property owners to fund the Mansons Hall” and that a possible hall tax is “only to fund the SCCA and the Mansons Hall” is at best premature and at worst a deliberate example of misleading political spin. How can he make that claim when a) there is no referendum yet b) there is no referendum question yet and c) which halls or clubs will participate in or receive the benefits of a hall tax has not been discussed or decided either at the community level or at the club level.

In this context, as Secretary to the Whaletown Community Club, I have been asked by the WCC President and Vice-President, to make the current position of the WCC Executive clear:

The position of the WCC Executive continues to be that the on-going petition for a referendum on a hall tax is community driven, not club driven, and that right now there is no referendum nor is there a referendum question to discuss. When and if there is a referendum and a referendum question, the WCC Executive will both participate in community-wide discussions and will also take the issues involved to its membership for discussion. Only then will the WCC have an official position on whether or how it will participate in a hall tax.