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General News · 1st September 2017
Sue Ellingsen
Rod-Be absolutely clear that this is a petition requesting a democratic voting process for the people of Cortes Island initiated by 3 people, none of whom are on the SCCA Board because we believe in what we are supporting-COMMUNITY.
-Be absolutely clear that you are not a spokesperson for the WCC Board. The Board will make their decision when the time is right for them.
-Be absolutely clear that you have not been elected to represent "people on Cortes"
-Be absolutely clear that the Klahoose people are quite able to represent themselves
And one last thing-put that overdrive energy to positive use---talk to the community forest board and see what they say about funding community halls with their profits. Don't be expecting John Sprungman to do it. He is busy and you have nothing but time. Better yet, go to the gaming commission and see if you can convince them to change their grant parameters to allow operating costs for halls to be covered.

Signed "Referendum Seeking Sue"
BC Gaming Grant motto
Comment by Wendy L. on 1st September 2017

Few words, great big message.