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General News · 30th August 2017
Peter Henbury
Why is it that the opponents of a hall tax on Cortes are so opposed to a referendum?

Are they perhaps afraid to have a referendum on this important issue because they fear they will lose the vote?

Or perhaps they do not actually trust in the democratic process at all?

Are they, once again, determined to prevent a civilized, informed campaign on an issue that affects all those who live on Cortes, followed by a formal vote? Do they not trust the people of Cortes to exercise their democratic right to vote on an important issue in an intelligent fashion? Do they think it is okay to impose their point of view by preventing people from having a vote at all?

Canít help wondering.
Referendum process
Comment by Maureen on 31st August 2017
While the referendum process at the Regional District level is a good idea, I was under the impression that a referendum on any topic would occur only after considerable community consultation. It is my understanding that no community consultation has occurred regarding a tax to benefit specific organizations. It would appear the cart has been placed before the horse.
Misinformation about the Referendum
Comment by Peter Henbury on 30th August 2017
For the record:
1. I have checked with the Regional Director, and the cost of a referendum is nowhere near $18,000, currently more like in the $5000 to $6000 range. And, as I understand it, the Strathcona Regional District has funding for such activities. Moreover, if the referendum were to take place at the same time as the election for a Regional Director the cost would be even less.

2. To vote in a referendum of this sort, you do NOT have to be a member of the SCCA or the WCC or any other community organization. The list of eligible voters is the same as for any other Regional District election.
Yes, I want a say in my future
Comment by Romina on 30th August 2017
Yes, democracy has a cost, and I donít mind paying something so I can have a say into the future of a place I have invested in. I am a property owner; losing infrastructure on island affects my future here. It affects the economy here, the community resources here, and in-turn the value of my property here beyond just the appeal of having some type of community space. I donít want to cheap out when it comes to important decisions that affect my future.
Why was this not on the last election ballot?
Comment by mike malek on 30th August 2017
why was this not on the last election ballot or next? Must be more efficient that way.