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General News · 28th August 2017
This topic has been brought up to me many times in the past, and even more so this year. The webcam in Q Cove on Quadra and the webcam in Campbell River have thousands of views a month. People use them to see how busy it is and plan accordingly. Would it be helpful to you if there were webcams on our terminals? Or would you prefer not to have them?

We have a volunteer to set it up. BC Ferries will allow the webcams to be put on their property/buildings at no cost. We will need to raise $2000 - $3000 for the cameras (depending on 1 or 2 terminals). We have the streaming covered (donated).

The questions are:
Do you want a webcam* at the Whaletown terminal?
Do you want a webcam at the Heriot Bay terminal?

Please comment on this article with your thoughts about the webcams.
Don't forget your name and contact info :)

There is a Ferry Advisory Committee meeting coming up, so it would be great to get your feedback within the next 5 days.

*potential 2 cameras, one pointing up the hill and one pointing down so we can see the whole lineup.

Update Aug 31: Twincomm and BC Ferries are working on this, stay tuned for a fall update.
Comment by Helene and Eren Oakes on 30th September 2017
Yay, also good for emergency viewings
Yes! Great idea!
Comment by Nicole Marlyn on 3rd September 2017
Not too worried about Herriot Bay, but to be able to check out the line up at Whaletown from home - especially for summer and long weekends - would save a lot of time and stress. And I'm sure even more helpful for people who work off-island. I've often wondered why we don't have one yet!
Comment by Richard on 31st August 2017
Cameras at both terminals. Make sure there is full camera coverage for the line ups. Let us know how the crowd funding is going to work.
Yes to the Totality
Comment by John Sprungman on 30th August 2017
Happy to support having all 3 of the proposed cameras.
Thank you Ester
Comment by Clio FM on 30th August 2017
Yes please! What a difference that'll make.
Comment by Hannu on 29th August 2017
Please and thank you!
Yes for Webcam
Comment by Dan DeCicco on 29th August 2017
I vote yes for a webcam at our ferry terminal in Whaletown.
Ferry cams
Comment by Bob Katzko on 29th August 2017
Absolutely and at both sites and willing to help get funding.
Comment by Wendy Saunders on 28th August 2017
Yes! In favour of both cameras. Would be great to know if the first boat is full before heading out from the south end.
Comment by Patricia on 28th August 2017
It would be most helpful, and yes to see the whole line up would be best.
Comment by Becca's Beans/Becky Knutson on 28th August 2017
Please, and thank you! 2 cameras in Whaletown for sure. HB would be great, as well!
The voluntary sector
Comment by Maureen on 28th August 2017
Yes, as long as people are willing to fund it voluntarily, as you've indicated must be the case, in your post.
Re: Comment Dave made
Comment by Ester on 28th August 2017
I added a little note to the article: potential 2 camera's in Whaletown, one pointing up the hill and one pointing down so we can see the whole lineup.
A Big Yay
Comment by Radio Sean on 28th August 2017
Absolutely! A big Yay for both terminals.......
Webcam at Whaletown
Comment by Dave on 28th August 2017
Whaletown for sure - at Heriot Bay one is doomed anyway on the way back. But it would be useful to put it far enough up the hill so we can see what the lineup looks like for the first ferry in the morning - how many empty cars in the lineup - the old webcam at Whaletown wasn't that useful as it was too far down the hill.
ferry webcams
Comment by shayne findlay on 28th August 2017
We can see many benefits to the ferry webcams at both Whaletown and Heriot Bay and are willing to contribute to the costs.

Comment by Ron on 28th August 2017
In favor of cams at both.