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General News · 20th August 2017
Ian Ross
I would like to weigh in on this whole tax thing, for I feel we are living in a very ugly moment in the history of our kind, one in which money (and the self) has become the measure of most (if not all) things. The following quote is from Paul Tillich, a Christian theologian and, while I am not a Christian, I think what he has to say could as well have been written by a Buddhist or a Humanist or, say, anyone among us who has the feeling that we (ie: humans) are not the beginning and ending of it all. Though we seem to be separate and autonomous beings, we are all here by the grace of something other than ourselves and, as we used to say out there on the highway (us one-time truckers), if we don't look out for one another, we're quite simply lost.
"There is an ultimate unity of all beings, rooted in the divine life from which they come and to which they go. All beings, nonhuman as well as human, participate in it. And therefore they all participate in one another. We participate in each other's having and we participate in each other's not-having. If we become aware of this unity of all beings, something happens."
That "something," I think, is the loss (that is: the gaining) of a whole new way of seeing not just ourselves in this world, but everyone else as well (including cats, of course, and bugs and birds and bees and seas and trees.)
Thanks for being here, love,
Thank you
Comment by Cali on 21st August 2017
Thank you for your thoughtful comments. You are absolutely right, unless we work together to find solutions to problems there will be no solutions. If only I could hold that in my mind always.