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General News · 3rd August 2017
Well, here I am creating the posting for an additional sailing on August 13th.

I know what you are thinking; you have been dealing with huge line ups for weeks. You have missed ferries & sat in overloads in the hot sun. What does "significant volume of traffic" mean?

You woke up at 5:00, got in line at 5:30 and did not make the first sailing as there were already so many cars pre-parked and other early birds.
When you make it to Quadra at 10:50, you end up in another overload in QCove so no 11:00 ferry for you.

When you arrive in Campbell River it's 12:15
You go to your appointment that you rescheduled 3x and turn around immediately. The line for the ferry in Campbell River is on the road.
It's now 2:40.

You are getting overheated, just like everyone else, including the ferry workers.
The 3:30 leaves and you make it into the parking lot in the 2nd lane for the 4:30 (no Cortes lane in the summer) The parking lot fills, and so does the overflow area. It's busy.

At 4:15 they load, and your car/truck gets directed to the outer lane on the ferry. (surprise!)
Your lane is the last lane to unload at QCove (more surprises!)
Yes, we know; the people that came an hour after you that are heading for Cortes drove off before you. So did the RV and the truck and trailer.

You are not panicking, you just drive to Heriot Bay. You already have a head ache and are over heated so panicking is not going to be helpful at this point.
When you get there at 4:50 you are very far up the road. You wave to the kids in the RV.

Really, you did know you were not going to make it, didn't you?
At 6:45 you make it on the ferry. When the ferry pulls in at 7:25 you are so incredibly happy to be home. At least you made that last ferry. It only took 15 hours, $50 in fares and your day off.

Maybe don't travel on August 13th with BC Ferries, as there will be significant volume of traffic. You might not make it back home.
just assume
Comment by Jack on 4th August 2017
Just assume that the ferry will be out of service from 15 June to 15 September.
Two words
Comment by Romina on 4th August 2017
Priority loading, I wouldn't think of using anything but the Cortes Connection at this time of year. I wanted to echo earlier comment about what a great service that is. Remember to book ahead but you are guaranteed to get on that ferry.
The FAC nails it!
Comment by Mike Manson on 3rd August 2017
Great to see the FAC totally gets our frustration. Ester is a member. Now if we could get the Ferry Corp to act on the FAC's good work.
And this is why
Comment by Patricia L on 3rd August 2017
I love the Cortes Connection. Assured loading. No parking or traffic problems. Friendly other passengers. Get picked up with your groceries. Easy Peasy.