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General News · 18th July 2017
K Albert, SRD
In May 2017, the SRD hosted two public meetings to get input on updates to the Cortes Island zoning bylaw. The May 9 meeting focused on density, housing, forest lands and bylaw enforcement, the May 16 meeting on aquaculture zoning.

The notes from both meetings as well as the background information presented at those meetings are posted at

Based on the input received at the May meetings as well as the previous zoning bylaw questionnaire results (available on the above webpage), the SRD will draft proposed bylaw changes to discuss with Cortes Islanders in the fall of 2017.

Upcoming meetings will be announced on the Tideline, via posters and on the SRD website. If you want to be added to an email notification list, email

Thank you for your interest and participation in the zoning bylaw update.
In response to Ron's comment on key definitions
Comment by K Albert, SRD on 20th July 2017
Hi Ron and other readers,

The key definitions on the poster that the SRD presented at the aquaculture meeting are for active and passive aquaculture. Neither definition is linked to whether rafts or other structures are also permitted.

For example, AQ-1 - which permits passive aquaculture, does not permit structures. AQ-2 which also permits passive aquaculture does. AQ-2A does not restrict the permitted use to passive or active aquaculture, but to deepwater shellfish aquaculture. AQ-3 allows for both active and passive aquaculture as well as structures. AQ-4 provides for deepwater shellfish aquaculture and structures but does not restrict use to passive or active aquaculture.

On a related note and to further clarify - regulating structures and lot coverage is under the authority of local governments. Whether local government can in fact regulate how aquaculture is carried out (passive or active/ administration of feed, hormones, etc or not) is less clear. This kind of regulation may be solely within the authority of DFO (Department of Fisheries and Oceans). We will check into this and review the definitions for active and passive aquaculture with Cortes Islanders at the next set of meetings.

Thank you for your time to research issues and for your input in the zoning bylaw update.
Why no mention of structures?
Comment by Ron on 19th July 2017
The "Key Definitions" at the bottom of the one pager appended to the summary for aquaculture makes no mention of structures. Why?

The regulation of structures (rafts) is the only differentiation between the current AQ-1 and AQ-2 zones.

a) Passive aquaculture, provided that no structures are permitted on the site;

Could someone from the SRD please explain why this is was omitted.