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General News · 14th June 2017
Noba Anderson
This Friday, there will be another meeting of the same small group of Gorge Harbour Stakeholder representatives that met last December in an attempt to identify issues of concern in the Gorge Harbour and find creative ways of having them addressed. As an aside to the zoning review process underway at the Regional District, I advocated that we support a multi-stakeholder conversation to get at the issues that cannot be well resolved through the zoning review or are not the purview of the Regional District.

In consultation with others, I selected a smallish group of largely reasonable people with a direct interest in the wellbeing of the Gorge Harbour who could collectively represent the main various perspectives and hopefully work together to find some clarity and solutions. As I said at last month’s public aquaculture zoning bylaw review meeting, this process is by nature exclusionary as we try to work with a small and consistent group to a common end with the support of a professional facilitator. I know that some people are put out by this process and I am willing to eat the flack. This is the best way I know to get at the core of this multitude of complex inter-jurisdictional and largely unregulated issues including: noise, live-aboards, sewage pump-out and discharge, shellfish harvesting closures, regulation of the shellfish industry, safety and boat speeds, protection of the ecology, water quality, and access – all in this very small echo-chamber of a space that is so important to many that live and work on and around these waters.

At the public zoning bylaw review meeting last month dealing with aquaculture, indeed it was these issues that dominated rather than ones which can be directly addressed through zoning. I believe we are on a good path and that those coming to these meetings are indeed dedicated to finding a good way through this complexity. If you want an issue raised, or have a suggestion that may help, please contact one of the stakeholder representatives that have been invited to do this important work: John Schook, Julia Rendall, Bob Katzko, Paul Simpson, Ron Francis, Dan Hilton, Amanda Glickman, Brian Hayden, Helen Radosovic, Ben Fulton, Dave Nikleva, Ian Winter, Michelle Glickman and Richard Glickman.

I expect that notes from this second meeting will be posted and a plan derived to communicate in a good public way.

I truly extend my gratitude to those participating in Friday’s meeting and will continue to support this good work.

Noba Anderson
Regional Director, Cortes Island, 250-935-0320
exclusion doesn't hold water
Comment by Wendy L. on 16th June 2017
All SRD meetings except those that qualify for in-camera status are open for the public to view and listen to; these are followed by the required recorded Minutes available on-line that unfortunately do not describe the detailed content of discussions by Staff and Board members from these meetings.

The first exclusionary meeting on Cortes island took place in December and included as I understand - 3 SRD Staff employees, SRD Building and Bylaw Enforcement Officer, special facilitator, Area B Regional Director; with lunch provided for a total of 20 participants, all paid for with property taxation. It would be a reasonable assumption to expect the release to the public of all notes taken during this December meeting.
Area B constituents are entitled all information regarding these exclusive meetings if we are to get a better understanding of what is happening re Aquaculture in the Gorge Harbour and around the Area B coastline.