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General News · 1st June 2017
Chris Good
There has been an area taped off around the well at the gorge hall for a little over a month, and it was taken down to accommodate Seafest. The reason for this area being kept open is that we are planning to place some stones (generously donated by Dave Mccoy) as a barrier around the well, in accordance with health and safety codes. I would rather not put the taped off barrier back up, as it is unsightly. The project however, is incomplete, as we are waiting for additional stones to arrive, and heavy equipment to assemble in order to place said stones. Presently, there are two boat trailers that potentially would be obstacles for this project. I am asking that this area be kept open, or if you must leave something parked there, that it be easy to move, as we are unsure of actual timing for all participants in the project. When you see a barrier of stones, approximately a quarter of a circle and about seventy feet long assembled, you will know that the area is good to use again at your will. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation,
Chris Good, Gorge Hall Maintenance.