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General News · 30th May 2017
Marilyn CCHA
What do I do if I find a tick on my skin?
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Comment by Ray on 31st May 2017
my own personal experience with lyme and tick/s is that 1) the illness can be transferred by more than ticks. The illness is IN and ON the flesh. Meaning the illness can be transmitted by other methods other than a tick byte. I got Lyme 1st time 1965ish from a deer tail my father gave me as a toy.
2) the bull's eye does not always appear. It is very important to get the tick as soon as possible. My 2nd experience was when I discovered a tick embedded in my skin 2009 I went online and learned to pull the tick which I did but may have left the jawls. I used MMS to kill any bacteria/virus at point of bite but in 10 days I awoke with all the symptoms of lyme once again sans bull's eye. In retrospect I should have orally taken MMS but the taste/smell of MMS in those days was so horrible... I thought that just treating the area would suffice. It didn't.

Today MMS does not need acid activation for oral dosing. Therefore there is no smell/taste issues. MMS (Sodium Chlorite) is FDA approved for water purification. Clean/pure water = clean pure health.
SC/MMS is also FDA approved for vegetable and meat production to prevent mold fungus bacteria virus etc. Properly handled MMS/SC can perform a myriad of functions from water purification, mold removal, food safety and more.

I'd not be alive and typing this message to you today had I not had the courage to try MMS in 2008 when I was dying of Lyme complications.

Dr Klinghardt suggests using Bentonite and or Zeolite 30 mins after MMS to help pull the toxins/pathogens killed by the SC/MMS.

Malaria has an incubation period that occurs in the liver 6 days if memory serves. I suspect Lyme has an incubation period of more like 10 days based on my own double exposure to Lyme/ticks.

MMS has 100% efficacy where Malaria is concerned. See MMS Red Cross videos on youtube where 154 of 154 cases of Malaria were healed in Uganda 2012.

If you want further info feel free to email me.
How to remove + youtube tweezing out a tick
Comment by Wendy L. on 30th May 2017
Removing Attached Ticks - Many methods have been developed over the years for removing feeding ticks which connect themselves to their host with small, barbed mouthparts. Ticks do not burrow under the skin. A number of the more drastic techniques such as using a hot cigarette, gasoline, or hot matches to induce the tick to detach itself are unreliable and may cause injury to the person involved. Ticks are most safely and effectively removed by a slow and gentle pull without twisting, using tweezers or fingers. This will normally remove the tick with the mouthparts attached. The wound should be treated with an antiseptic. See the BC Center for Disease control web site for further information on removal of ticks.
I have read that it is also possible to freeze them off with a medical wart remover. If the tick's head and mouthparts break off during removal, they can be removed with tweezers like a splinter.
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