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General News · 29th May 2017
Amanda Glickman
What an amazing weekend! 

Our Saturday morning Table Top exercise had a complete turn out of all our emergency supporters and first responders! The event was moderated by David Carmichael, who did a terrific job of laying out the scenario, explaining the situation, and fielding questions and comments. Volunteer fire fighter Eli McKenty was put on the spot when our Fire Chief Mac Diver was “taken out of action” in the scenario. Ambulance fielded some excellent questions and explanations, and ESS clarified their role and the processes they follow to support the community. Our Neighbourhood Emergency Protection Preparedness Program was also well represented. Mark, from BC Wildfire Service, was also on hand to explain their role and how they operate with our first respoonders.

Shaun Koopman, our Protective Services Coordinator from SRD set up office as though he was operating remotely in Campbell River, and our emergency communications plans were explained.

Unfortunately the Cortes Island Community did not show significant interest and a distinct absence of representation from our regional directorship did not go unnoticed. Their absence was unfortunate as this was a learning opportunity. We also noted that in an emergency evacuation, our fire fighters would be fighting the fire and not directing an evacuation. That would be the responsibility of the RCMP who though invited, were unavailable to attend the session. We do thank the four community members who did attend, and acknowledge that the acoustics in the gymnasium were poor.

Many thanks are owed to Janet Forsyth for making the school available to us, and for all of her hard work in getting things organized. Thanks go to Shaun with the SRD and Eric Hargrave and his staff at the Coop for feeding our team at the end of the event.

Movie night was sparsely attended, but we all had fun anyways The new popcorn machine sponsored by the Gorge Harbour Marina was taken into service and we all noted just how tasty the popcorn was! Thank you MaryLavelle for allowing us to use the hall, and Sean Coyote of CKTZ for getting the equipment together! And to Teen Szene for putting together a highly entertaining pre-video!

Sunday, the big day… Chili Cook off!
 We had 10 chilli chefs and a scorching hot day! Susan John kindly made a colourful and spicy corn bread - many thanks! Top chili chef was Lucy Robinson (Team Mama Bean) with her Delicioso chili con pavo! This was closely followed by Team Ringwood’s venison chilli. Team Lee’s traditional chilli con carne came next, followed by Team Shamus’ completely non-traditional local chili with the only foreign ingredient coming from the far flung reaches of Quadra Island.

There were some brilliant emergency preparedness displays - the heart of this fair - including emergency food preparations by Keith and Susanne Muir, our local ESS team with their new tent, Martin Metz’s BC Emergency Health Services, Mary-Lu and Julia Rendall’s Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Program display (with a fabulous collection of highly informative maps!), and our local radio club, CIRCLE. CKTZ was of course on hand with their great collection of emergency supplies. BC Hydro had a display to help answer questions.

We have so many people to thank for their efforts in making this weekend happen. Our core planning team - Martin Metz, Kim Robertson, Mac Diver, Keith Muir, Rick Yew, Barry Glickman and Mary-Lu Lorenson formed put in tremendous dedication in time and effort. We thank Mac for his incredible patience and infectious enthusiasm. And of course thank you to our PSC, Shaun Koopman, for providing the hamster balls, support and motivation. Many thanks to both Shaun and Ben Hiatt for running the CPR/Defib demos.

And of course we need to acknowledge Ashe Biele, for her incredible energy in putting together the kids’ program.

Many thanks to our “on the spot” volunteers who made all the difference in the world
Ann-Marie, Beth, Charlotte, Lucky, Jim - we couldn’t have done this without you!

We are grateful to Kristen and Julia for providing the Seafest tables, to Tamara and Mary for access to them! And thank you to all you other volunteers whom I may not have listed… you demonstrated a wonderful community spirit that will not be forgotten!

We especially appreciate those members of the Cortes Island Community who took the time to consider emergency preparedness - you’re amongst the wise and aware of this island. You help to provide the resilience and support that this island will need during an event. We all know that things will not simply fall into place unless we’re prepared. Thank you.

And finally, thank you so much for our prize donors!

Whaletown Garden Centre – Cortes Island
Ocean Pacific – Campbell River
Home Hardware – Campbell River
Home Depot – Campbell River
Tidemark Theatre – Campbell River
Staples – Campbell River
London Drugs – Campbell River
C&L – Campbell River
Tyee Marine – Campbell River
Canadian Tire - Campbell River
The Fire Shop - Campbell River

Over the next week, we will be putting together some questions for the participants and community alike, so please stay tuned…

And thanks to Gorge Harbour
Comment by ashe on 29th May 2017
Thanks Bill, for kindly donating the kids goody bags for prizes in the kids activties.xoxoxoxashe
Fun & Informative!
Comment by Lu Schanfarber on 29th May 2017
Thank you so much for organizing this event, Amanda, Barry & team!