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General News · 24th May 2017
Christian Gronau
At ca. 11:25 today (May 24th) an explosion went off at the south tip of Long Tom, the small island close to Twin Islands. (Top image taken moments after.)
An inflatable, which had been hovering behind Long Tom, quickly approached and made landfall (Bottom two images.)
Does anyone knows what this was all about ?
Pray tell !

Editors note: Christian added tonight:

What was That ?? The Answer.
The 442 Transport and Rescue Squadron, Comox, was detonating a SAR (Search and Rescue) flare that had washed ashore somewhere (not necessarily on Long Tom). If you find one, don’t touch, but report.
more on the explosion
Comment by Lisa Gibbons on 24th May 2017
HI Christian,
I spoke once again with Comox Base (they made a follow up call back to me). I spoke with Major Derek Jeffers. He was very open to hearing our concerns about the incident. Apparently, the device, called an MLM, is a search and rescue device, which may have wash up on shore. It has phosphorous and explosive components in it, so when the one is found they come and dispose of it. This was apparently unsual, that they couldn't safely deal with it, so they had to detonate it. I asked Maj. Jerrers to write an explanation on the Tideline for us and to understand we are all very concerned for the marine habitat and how a large underwater explosion can have a devastating effect on marine life. Please call him at 250-339-8210 if you have concerns. Thanks.
Comment by Lisa Gibbons on 24th May 2017
I called the RCMP and the Comox Military base. They said that they were trying to recover a Marine Locator Device or Beacon from under the water. They could not recover it safely, because it has some dangerous aspects to it (like chemicals and explosive), so they made the very ridiculous decision the detonate it. They apparently checked the area for people and animals. I was at Hollyhock when this happened. the explosion was HUGE! There is will be loss of life in the ocean, for sure. I encourage more people to call the base and make serious complaints!!!!
What was THAT??
Comment by Bruce Ellingsen on 24th May 2017
Hi Christian,
I suspect that what you saw was a smoke flare dropped by the Coast Guard, usually used to locate a vessel in distress. We have seen them a number of times out here off the Reef.
With the Zodiac promptly arriving, it was likely and practice exercise in action for the Coast Guard crew located at Cortes Bay.
Cheers, Bruce.