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General News · 12th April 2017
Christian Gronau
Radioactive isotopes from the Fukushima nuclear disaster (March 2011) have been reaching our coast for a while by now. Concentrations are extremely low, close to the limits of detectability.
I compiled the poster below and added a few explanatory remarks.
The link to the relevant website was provided by Dr. Barry Glickman. Thanks.
long and short
Comment by Ray on 12th April 2017
While I appreciate the concern over radiation and I have no doubt that Fukushima is an Extermination Level Event (ELE) in the long term, my assessment of the data spectrum is that DU , lithium and other war materials (compliments of the US Military) are impacting local waters and of grave concern in the short term. DU, Lithium and War Games materials may be the reason sea life is and has been in decline along the West Coast for many decades beyond the obvious over fishing, forestry, mining malpractice/mismanagement. Only 78 Orcas remain and they are suffering human disease now including salmonella and staph infections. Cortes Radio recently did a spot titled "Where have the Salmon Gone" well worth listening to on the Cortes Radio website podcast page. Billy Proctors books Full Moon Flood Tide and Heart of the Raincoast give 1st hand perspectives of the ongoing assault on mammals/sea life long before the non threat of radiation we are currently experiencing. Keep in mind however that radiation is being seen along Oregon and California shores as well as in BC Salmon..