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General News · 31st March 2017
george sirk
Spring bird arrivals to Cortes area in March...

19th Audubon's Warbler, by the 30th common, soft warble, often comes to the ground for flying insects.

20th Mountain Bluebird, Shark Spit. Open places, beaches, fields. Spectacular, ultra rare.

25th Purple Finch, listen for the fast sweet warble high up in conifers, or bird feeders, bright pink-red face and brown stripes on pale flank.

30th Violet-green Swallow, clicking sound like small marbles, white breast.

Addition a few hours later:

Hi everybody, I misled you on the Purple Finch, ouch. The flanks of this species both in females and males are a plain cream colour...NO stripes! If it has stripes it's House Finch. And we have updates on other arrivals: Lincoln's Sparrow, smaller than a song, similar to Savannah Sp. tan coloured with grey eyestripes, found in brushes, secretive, a migrant - does not nest here. And of course Rufous Hummers are back too. Thanks laurel.

I've elaborated on "Nature Notes" for April at the Cortes Museum site.

If you have questions or want to report 'your 'arrivals' please email me.
iNaturalist project on Cortes Biodiversity
Comment by okellhammer on 2nd April 2017
Hey George:
If you have any pictures of your excellent sightings please post to the Cortes Island biodiversity page on iNaturalist. Here is the link:
We are getting worldwide feedback from biologists interested in the biodiversity of Cortes and I am encouraging people to join (free! and free apps!) so we can track population trends, seasonal variations and so on! Please spread the word. Best, O.