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General News · 18th January 2017
Gabriel Dinim
I will be moving back to the island in October and living on the Gorge across from ISF.
I have been following the correspondence between ISF and the Gorge residents and users with great interest.
Assuming that humans of good-will work towards social harmony, the exchange begs the following questions:

- If the workers owned and operated the shellfish industry in the Gorge, would they be more responsive to their community?
- Since industrial sounds are effectively abetted, by companies who care about their impact, does management not have the funds to remedy the noise problem?
- Is there ill will on the part of management, to resolve these noise issues?
- Is it simply a case of indifference, on the part of management, an example of the attitude conferred by economic colonialism ?
- Is it still a 70’s industrial attitude “if I don’t make noise, no one knows that I am working, therefore the louder I am, the harder I work” ?
- Or is it an issue of social prejudices and feelings of entitlement as in “ I provide employment and you don’t” “I work and you are retired and old” or “You own property on the Gorge so you are rich”.

We, as individuals, are expected to not interfere with one another enjoyment of our island life.
-Does providing employment confers immunity from the obligations of civil society?
- Does providing employment automatically entitles the employer to be indifferent to their surrounding and to the community at large?

I do know that providing employment, does not entitle one to feel satisfied with cliché platitudes in lieu of effective communication and genuine problem solving.

-Is it a fundamental creed of politicians, that since some collateral damage is unavoidable, these need not be addressed?

The minutiae of bylaws become the only recourse to civility and dutiful obligations when genuine good will is absent.
And so back and forth between this bylaw and that amendment the problem continues for lack of will to resolve it