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Take A Seat
General News · 14th January 2017
Dancing Wolf
Call A Mess A Mess

Hey there neighbour take a seat
literally now and for less than a penny
the mouldy, rusty, torn and beat
take your pick from the way too many

Take the mattress with the mystery stain
or the overly toasted oven mitts
the misplaced trash boggles the brain
like the white tea pot smashed to bits

Or the empty paint can or the Christmas waste
or the hundred things of broken plastic
this is Cortes, human, what is your haste
has your sensibility gone spastic

The Barn is not for all things beyond repair
especially if itís beyond belief
I mean come on man look at that chair
were you hoping for some comic relief

The Free Store doesnít want our crap
thatís what the big green bins are for
when integrity takes a nap
you really can hear it snore

Are you just too lazy to ask the staff
about the right bin to place your junk
or embarrassed that someone might laugh
so you sneak it in the Barn so your ego isnít sunk

I am the kettle calling out the pot
before we fully blacken and burn
it is not so much about what we've been taught
than it is that we continue to learn

Excuses are like rats with too many around
letís just call a mess a mess
loving thy neighbour doesnít have to be profound
but it surely should be more than less

Many of us have friends that work there
be it or Staff or Volunteer
could everyone please become more aware
and give them all a Happy New Year

Dancing Wolf
What a Flippin Mess indeed!
Comment by Judith fontaine on 20th January 2017
Well done Dancing Wolf! Big thanks!!!
Good Words
Comment by Jenny Magenta on 17th January 2017
So many people have a difficult time letting go. As a newer resident here, I stood looking at the barn that day and I thought, "is that what this barn is for?". Then I realized...of course not. I saw a pile from a person who was disconnected, embarrassed or perhaps even in too much pain to deal with the mess they tossed there. But, hey - that's likely my non rose coloured baggage I am carrying around. Difference was when I did it before I moved here I could dump it in a lane and watch homeless people root through it out my window. Here one can't hide. I am glad you wrote your poem, it is a reminder that nothing really goes unnoticed. It also reminds me that one person's idea of recycling can be very different than another's. I hope the person who did this finds some healing too. I know I did once that "stuff" was gone. Bless everyone for your hard work and compassion. Thank you Dancing Wolf for your artful and meaningful words.
Thank you Dancing Wolf
Comment by Patricia L on 17th January 2017
Speaking for all of us at the recycle site (I think) thank you for your prose and pictures. I am sure many people would not have realized the Horror! What a treat on Sunday to see the barn EMPTY! We'll start over with it.
Incredible, unnecessary words.
Comment by Jason (JT) on 15th January 2017
Once again DW, you blow me away with your prose. I wish it were unneeded and unnecessary. I saw the devastation last week and Brian told me of a cleanup happening tomorrow Sun the 15th but I didn't ask him what time. I'm going to go early and see what develops. Thank you DW for pointing out that one man's trash, sometimes, is just trash.