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General News · 1st January 2017
Happy New Year from the Tideline. Wow, 2016 just flew by, and it was another year with great community events including the popular Seafood Festival, awesome Cortes Day, fun Sandcastle Day and the delicious Christmas Dinner. Again there were many lost and found cats this year, an incredible amount of items sold and shared. Houses were rented and questions were answered. Tourists came, summer people returned and the year round residents went on with their daily business while participating in all sorts of things that benefit the community. People connected and pies were baked. Events were posted, edited, deleted by accident, reposted, re-edited and managed to appear back in time. Beautiful photos were shared, admired and cherished. There were so many incredible events, great music, good stories and awesome gatherings. Of course there was a good amount of meetings and AGM’s, loads of amazing workshops, lectures and an increasing amount (yay!) of kids activities.

Thanks to all of you submitting your ads, all the items you are selling, trading, the workshops you are giving and the rides you are sharing. Thanks to the people submitting the community articles for the centre column, dances, updates, stories and notices. We all appreciate the time it takes you to write it all out, to add the photos and to keep us informed and entertained! A small ad appeared on the Tideline and many meals were made, rides gives, supplies brought over and work bees completed. The submissions are still increasing, every year there are so many items recycled, jobs found and fresh seafood canned and frozen, items returned to their owners, thanks to people submitting ads.

Also a big thank you to the people writing about the Zoning Bylaw review. Your articles are well read and shared among your neighbours and friends. We learn about different experiences, points of views and how some things impact certain people. Roses to those who manage to share their experience while being respectful, kind and considerate. It is a fine art and I admire your skill.

Bouquets of flowers to everyone that submits ads/stories without spelling mistakes. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

We would not be running the way we are without our sponsors. We appreciate their support and the Tideline would not get the time and energy it gets without them. Please support our sponsors, they make it happen together with your donations, thank you!

Steve Musial continues to keep you entertained with photos of Cortes Island on our facebook page. Check us out if you have not done so yet, you don't need your own fb account to view it as it is open to the public. Our popular Photo Gallery on the front page of the Tideline is still there too, please keep submitting your photos, as they are viewed by many people.

The Tideline gets checked and updated twice a day. If you submitted an ad and don't see it right away, please wait a day before emailing us. If you still don't see your ad: did you forget to add your contact info? If so, it won't be posted. Email or phone number is required as well as your name. (no, not just your initials)

And if you are missing the classifieds: 99.9% chance you have Adblocker installed and need to add our url to the list so we won’t get blocked.

You can always contact me: and I will try and get back to you within a day.

Have a great 2017. May it be filled with adventure, passion, love, appreciation and many special moments here on Cortes with your friends, family, neighbours and visitors.

Thanks to Ester and Crew---is there one?....
Comment by Heather Bruce / Bodington Road on 7th January 2017
Unfortunately, I am not able to live there full time...but my heart is there, pretty much full time and has been for 19 years. I LOVE reading all the announcements, pronouncements, articles, letters, statements and yes, even the ads, that are posted to Tideline. Having edited newsletters in the past, I know how much work they are, even when the community is so supportive as the Cortes community is. I REALLY appreciate a great newsletter.....and Tideline is right up at the top. Thank you, Ester (and crew?), for all that you do to help tie this community together...both near and far.
You make it great!
Comment by Patricia L on 5th January 2017
You are providing an awesome community wide electronic bulletin board that is always up to date. The WAY you do it is what makes it so popular and useful as well as colourful. Thank you.
A big thank you to Ester
Comment by Carole Davidson on 2nd January 2017
Thank you Ester for keeping us all in the loop and well-informed.
Your community appreciates the time and effort you spend keeping Tidelines up to date and relevant.
Thanks Ester
Comment by Stephen Reid on 2nd January 2017
And last but not least thanks Ester and the rest of the Tideline crew for managing our island intercom!