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General News · 13th December 2016
A while back, a bunch of Cortes youth got together with Dan Peters to write and record a rap song advocating for protection of the Island Timberlands owned forest lands on Cortes Island. I started collaborating with them last spring, and we embarked on the year-long project of creating a music video for the song. This involved going out on the monthly forest walks, camera in tow, for five hours of walking, singing, mud, beauty, trees, plants, moss, aching legs, and joy. A few days ago I finished editing the film, and we want to share it with you all — especially the parents and families of the wonderful children who made it happen.

This has been a 100% volunteer project, with support and skills donated from so many kind people.

Many thanks for our drone pilots Om Beach and De Clark; assistance, advice, and camera gear from Adam and Francis McKenty; editing and production advice from Brittany Baxter, Dan Pierce, Mark Vonesch, and Claudia Medina; Dan Peters for sound production, song writing and recording; the dedicated and talented Children's Forest youth group; the Forest Trust for the Children of Cortes Island directors: Christine Robinson, Sabina Leader Mense, Connie Brill, Chris Dragseth, Norleen Lillico, Ashe Biela, Andy Ellingsen, Adam McKenty, Andrew Smyth, and directors-at-large: Ann Mortifee, and Donna Bracewell.

The Forest Trust for the Children of Cortes Island Society was formed to purchase Island Timberland forest land holdings immediately adjacent to Carrington Bay Park on Cortes Island. These forest lands will be held in trust for all the children of Cortes Island, in perpetuity. They will offer educational, recreational, cultural and spiritual value for all our children. They will provide the opportunity for our youth to embrace and practice stewardship of forest lands and watersheds.

I hope you enjoy this effort of love in support of our beautiful island, and the future generations who will inhabit it.

With much gratitude,
Immanuel McKenty
Awesome! Thank you!
Comment by Nancy Beach on 2nd January 2017
Thank you to all the beautiful hearts involved, and to the One that binds us! Enjoy the blessings of the New Year!
Thank You
Comment by Mike Moore on 16th December 2016
Yeah! To the next generation of islanders loving and singing for their home- THANK YOU!
Truly an amazing video!
Comment by Lovena Harvey on 14th December 2016
I know how many times the kids must have sung the song and how many hours of editing you did. So impressive, all of you! Thank you!
Comment by Dancing Wolf on 14th December 2016
A great big YES to this wonderful video. The entire project was inspirational, educational, recreational, environmental, developmental, instrumental and so much more than words and thoughts will ever fathom.

Lets All Stand Up For The Forest