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General News · 12th December 2016
Mary and Vern Kemp
Open letter to the APC, the Regional Director, and the Cortes Islanders

Island Sea Farms shellfish operation at Stove Islets in an AQ2 zone, Gorge Harbour.

Dear Noba, the APC and the Cortes Islanders

This industrial scale machinery is illegal in this AQ2 zoning due to the three foot height restriction in the aquaculture zoning bylaws.

The residents and landowners continue to complain of loud disruptive machinery noise, in contradiction of the intent of the bylaws to provide for the islanders, a peaceful rural community.

This machinery even exceeds what was proposed in the Klahoose application for the tenure approved in 2012: "2 outboards on a working platform (with 4 stroke engines), 25 hp diesel (built into the work platform) to baffle the noise, also a muffler on exhaust pipe, 4 small motors to run the lifting device, conveyor, separator, and for filling totes.” There are also 3 large industrial water pumps difficult to see.
All machinery is prohibited in the AQ2 zone according to the aquaculture zoning bylaws.

There has been no enforcement of the aquaculture bylaws by the RD since 2005 despite ongoing complaints from Gorge Harbour landowners about the violations and the excessive noise.

Please make the enforcement of the bylaws more effective, and end such blatant violations of the AQ2 bylaw, like all bylaws, designed to protect the public.

Mary and Vern Kemp
Green Mountain
Comment by Aaron O'Connor on 12th December 2016
As the community weighs in with all the facts and ISF works toward the necessary resolution I will add this point for consideration; On a recent walk up the public trail to the Green Mountain summit all was well except for the audible racket originating from the Island Sea Farms Gorge Harbour facility—A considerable din covering a wide area. Knowing that, ISF, will you act to remedy the problem? Please respond, here, to your community.