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General News · 6th December 2016
Izabelle and Noah 935-6745
A huge enormous thank you to all the wonderful people that partook in the Whaletown Christmas Bazaar, this event would not be possible without the involvement of the whole community.

Much gratitude goes out to all the community members that donated their time to collect greenery and decorate the Gorge Hall with us. The community potluck was wonderful, joyous and productive.

We would also like to thank all the amazing bakers and cooks that donated their time, skills, and ingredients to help us fundraise.

We'd like to thank the Heriot Bay Store for offering the “Spirit points” program to the Whaletown Community Club and to everyone that donated their points to the WCC when doing their shopping. The accumulated points made it possible for us to acquire the ingredients to make fresh pizzas instead of frozen ones.

Many thanks to the artisans, crafters and artists that continue to amaze with their incredible diversity of skills and talent that make this event worth attending.

We’d like to highlight some incredible community members for going above and beyond the call of duty: Ray, Jim, Noah, Mnik and Peter for holding the kitchen together and serving up the wonderful food. Kate Maddigan for being there from beginning to end and helping us clean up the hall when we were ready to give up. Thanks to Jim and Carol Lewis for providing most of the holly for the Hall and for their time and energy to help us collect greenery and decorate. We would also like to thank Ashe and her tribe for spending her birthday weekend with us and being such a positive force.

Lastly, we'd like to thank the community for embracing the changes we’ve brought to this already amazing event and for supporting our crazy ideas like making pizzas from scratch, serving free hot chocolate and having vendors outside.

This is truly a community effort and we could never pull this off without all of you.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season,

Noah and Izabelle
Much gratitude to Becky
Comment by Izabelle and Noah 935-6745 on 7th December 2016
Thank you for providing all the great coffee and coming back to brew Becca's Beans just right.