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General News · 28th November 2016
I have lived in the Gorge for 20 years now and was hoping to spend the rest of my life here, but the way it's going now... Well, I'm ready to head out soon. The noise level in the harbour this year has been nothing short of maddening. As a former Cortez Island Shellfish Growers Co-Op member we tried for 25 years to get use of mechanical device to make our lives a little easier and nothing came of it. "No machinery in the Gorge Harbour." FINAL ANSWER... Now ISF moseyed in and gets the rights to walk all over us with their loud machinery and their disrespect for there neighbours. What happened with our Regional Directors George Sirk and Noba Anderson, why could they not make it happen for the co-op.

This past Sept/Oct while ISF take off there predator nets to have cleaned in town, every day two 16 ft skiffs and a large shoebox work boat with cabin and a 300 hp engine roar all around the harbour doing loop d loops everywhere creating excessive wake, loud engine noise and really worst of all chasing our birds. These 3 boats sole purpose is to chase anything alive in the whole bay, all day, every day.

OK, you're going to ask yourself why on earth would our local Klahoose nation, part owner of ISF chase birds? They know how important it is to protect our little friends from bad practising companies who only want to harm them for greedy reasons. They should not have executed this decision to abuse our waterfowl. If we can't count on our first nations to protect our waterfowl then who the hell else are we going to count on. There is a simpler less cost effective solution then chasing birds and that is another set of nets.... HOW SIMPLE....

Now you only have to find it in yourselves to show respect and take responsibility for your noise problem's. And your crew's messy, throw
everything in the water habits. Throw some money at it and fix it. Stop passing blame and making us the bad guys. The money it would take to
quiet those machines would be by far less than all the money your spending on fuel for those gas guzzler boats and the employment time. Not to mention the effect of all that exhaust for us to smell. Almost like the city here. I feel it it very important we inform the island on our situation here in the Gorge Harbour. Looking forward on hearing from other upland owners.

I thought you all would like to know that this year was the first year 2 humpback whales came into our harbour. Lets hope the noise won't scare them away in the future.

Leslie O'Howe
Tan Island
thanks, Leslie
Comment by Ruth on 29th November 2016
thanks for this information about what it is like to live near the Island Sea Farms' operation, Leslie. There have been locals earning a living from shellfish for many, many years but the impact on the environment (both physical and social) has become unbalanced. Please see my comments on Sonya's posting -I think we need to take this issue to the company ISF is growing the mussels for: Saltspring Island Mussels.
Comment by leslie on 28th November 2016
Then please explain further how first nation are involved.

Please get your facts straight
Comment by Tracy on 28th November 2016
Klahoose First Nation is NOT a part owner of Island Sea Farms! Before you point fingers and accuse an entire nation of anything learn the facts please.