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General News · 27th November 2016
Mike Moore
Have you ever sat on the rocks at Hank's Beach and wondered what lies beneath the waves? On November 21st, I did a dive to take a look. This is my first attempt at underwater footage with a GoPro and I have a bit to learn about lighting but I think you will be amazed at the diversity of creatures to be found in a short dive. One that excited me was a Puget Sound King Crab shell that was in deep, dark water. What I didn't see in the dim light was the actual crab just a few feet away. I was sure surprised that I had inadvertently caught it in the video! Keep your eyes open, I slowed the film down at that point.
So cool!
Comment by Kirsten Vidulich on 2nd December 2016
Thanks for taking the time -really magical
Greqat Mike!
Comment by Good Libations Doug on 27th November 2016
It looks like it was a sunny day -- yes? The colours underwater look quite "brightened." I didn't realize there were so many fish down there, and quite the variety of them.

Comment by Catriona Vega on 27th November 2016
Nice to know what's under us when out swimming! Thanks for sharing. Beautiful!
Thanks Mike
Comment by Patricia L on 27th November 2016
This was wonderful to see. Beautiful urchins and even coral!
very cool
Comment by Sandy H on 27th November 2016
Great footage. Thanks for sharing this.
Really beautiful Mike, Thank you!
Comment by Dana Solomon on 27th November 2016

Thanks for lending us an eye into our almost winter underwater scene at Hanks.
You are a gift to our community