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General News · 27th November 2016
Mary and Vern Kemp
We are encouraged by the recent discussion regarding the shellfish industrialization of the Gorge. This is not dissimilar to the halting of the industrial logging situation which got the Islanders’ support.
For years the Gorge Harbour landowners have requested the elimination of the intrusive industrial shellfish machinery noise, to no avail.
All the mechanized shellfish operations in the harbour are in AQ2 or AQ2A zones which do not allow machinery.  Although the actual AQ2 bylaw does not explicitly mention machinery, there is a Permitted Use statement (pg 1 of bylaws) that states: “Any use not expressly permitted in this bylaw is prohibited in every zone.”  These "no machinery” regulations are being ignored.

Mr. Hilton of ISF in his recent letter is attempting to placate the public by implying that they are good neighbours. ISF continues to ignore the zoning bylaws and works the Industrialized leases throughout the harbour, in front of  residential/recreation properties.
If ISF is truly trying to improve their relationship with their Gorge Harbour neighbours, a self imposed speed limit of 5 knots on all of their barges and crew vessels would be a minimal first step. 

The AQ2 zones were in place when the tenures were developed. For years they used no machinery. The lease owners have known about the no machinery conditions of use. Keith Reid of Desolation Sound Oysters left his Gorge Harbour operation years ago, largely because of the no machinery regulations. Why does another off Island company get treated differently. The landowners still do not want machinery noise in Gorge Harbour.

Enforcement of the aquaculture zone regulations is needed in the Gorge.

Mary and Vern Kemp
36 year east-end landowners on the Gorge
Please Call or Email me With your concerns
Comment by Dan Hilton on 27th November 2016
Hello , Please call me with your concerns. I have been the assistant manager at ISF for 1 and half months and for 8 years a happy Cortesian (until a week ago). I've put my email on the tideline so I can be contacted directly .I have returned emails to everyone that has contacted me to discuss plans to fix the existing complaints. I do not placate or use platitudes and don't understand why all of a sudden I and the 'human beings " I work with are evil. My work # is 25o-935-6535 we can work together, Dan.