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General News · 25th November 2016
Jeremy Hope
I have been going over past and present letters Re Gorge Usage and sustainable Living

The noise levels from the machinery are definitely un acceptable I have seen Large genarators all over the coast running 24 7 the only reason you know they are running is by leaning on the building and feling the vibration so the sound can be totally mufled just needs some time and engineering to make this happen

Also a point has been brought up before saying maybe these people should have not bought property facing shellfish operations I believe most land owners dont have a problem with rafts etc But alot of them bought when it was just passive aquaculture nobody had any idea of this semi constant noise

As far a shellfish related traffic there is absolutely no need for 20 30 ft skiffs crew boats 200 plus hp to roar around a Harbour as its called I realize we do have alot of pleasure boats who at times most of these boaters are ignorant and when told by say marina staff etc most seem to learn
I have on numerous occasions brought this issue up with Island sea farms Mgrs and staff so by now they are aware of this but still boats race around wide open throwing large unnecessary wakes that is real ignorance

Having lived in Gorge 42 yrs this summer there certainly is more and more traffic and users every year

I believe the seceret is respect your neighbor and act accordingly as you would in your area of residence is this not why we live here and not in the constant turmoil of the cites
Jeremy Hope Tan Island

Hi Jeremy
Comment by Dan Hilton on 26th November 2016
I can't seem to be able to get the email button working on the article. I would really like to talk with you. If you email me at dan.hilton,,, I'll give you my work and cell number or if you give me your number I'll call you, Thank you ,Dan.