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General News · 16th November 2016
Bill Wheeler
November 15 was an international day of action in support of Standing Rock and all the brave people there withstanding the wrath of big money. Katie and I knew we wanted to do something to mark this day but it is pretty hard to figure out how to effect any kind of change on these institutions. While we are waiting to come up with something better, for now we painted this banner that Katie stands with in the photo above and took it to Campbell River.

We attached the banner to the poles on the grass there beside the art gallery and walked with it the few blocks over to the TD. I wouldn’t say we got a rousing reception from the town’s people but we got some thumbs up, horn honks, and general approval and support from a couple of dozen or more of them. We even got a welcome back from the TD manager and had a quite amicable chat with him before moving out of his doorway to walk around the mall for an hour or so. There was no sign of any security workers so I guess they are not very scared of us.

I don’t know how one measures success in these kinds of actions. I’m glad we went but whether it makes any difference in the overall scheme of things is pretty doubtful. I guess for me though the challenge is to speak up. We now have a system where a handful of large corporations, run by some extremely wealthy people, are calling the shots and running things to their own benefit and the detriment of all others. Without some social controls on these capitalist organizations I don’t think we have much chance of long term, or even medium term, wellbeing. The only way that is going to come about is through mass civil society action and mobilization. If that is going to happen it ought to be soon.