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General News · 14th November 2016
Friends of Cortes Island Helen
We are delighted to announce that the winner of the Jo Ann Green Environmental Award for 2016 is Ester Strijbos.

The award recognizes a Cortes Islander who has made significant contributions to the environmental well being of the community.

Congratulations to Ester for her wonderful and very valuable contribution over the years. Here is Ester’s nomination in full:

“I feel the Jo Ann Green Award recognizes both environmental contributions and community contribution. I wish to nominate Ester Strijbos for this year’s Jo Ann Green Award.

- I wonder how many items FOCI has posted on Tideline over the years? Articles about wolves, updates on projects like the one to monitor and remediate the lakes, even something as simple as meeting notices. Tideline provides an effective way to get messages like this to most of the population on Cortes.

- Consider the number and amount of used items, things like autos, furniture and building supplies that have been re-purposed or kept out of the landfill simply because people have an easy to use place to post what they are looking for or what they have to offer. It would be interesting to be able to calculate Tideline’s “diversion rate”.

- Think about all the other organizations and people on Cortes Island who are passionate about our environment and then ask yourself how you came to know of them and their cause. Chances are you read about it on Tideline.

- Ester has contributed a huge amount of her own time with no compensation to establishing and encouraging the Rideshare program on Cortes Island. By doing this, she enables many who cannot or prefer not to own an automobile to arrange transportation.

- Many producers rely on Tideline to promote and merchandize quality local food. Everything from selling garden produce to when and where our local fishers will be selling their catch. And don’t forget the posts like the ones that link important local organizations like our food bank to donors with apples every fall.

- A vast information exchange happens on Tideline. Visitors and locals alike are introduced to new species with items like Picture Gallery. We are kept informed about global environmental concerns, often with a voice to local implications. Things like radiation updates from Fukushima with data from our own island and shores. We have many informed and talented local residents who have a voice about the environment and our community on Tideline.

- Lastly, Tideline provides a forum and platform that draws our community together. In some ways, we have several distinct communities separated by considerable distances, but Tideline so often is the tool that consolidates the island and allows us to discuss or debate items of importance and interest to the community.

Ester’s commitment to the community and our environment are demonstrated by the many upgrades and improvements she has made to Tideline over the years. I would be willing to speculate that many similar community sites have fallen by the wayside but her commitment and perseverance have kept Tideline growing and getting better over time.

She moderates the forum with a fair-minded firmness, living up to the policy guideline reminder and the three monkeys in the bottom corner of the home page.

I feel that what matters most at the end of the day is what we do, not what we say. Ester Strijbos exemplifies this principal so well. She has served on several boards including the Cortes Advisory Planning Commission.

She has worked tirelessly to serve the community in so many more ways that giving us her biggest contribution - Tideline, our own local place to learn, communicate and exchange information. I believe she deserves the recognition of the Jo Ann Green Award for these many years of service to our local environment and environmental issues.”
Bravo !
Comment by norberto rodriguez on 17th November 2016
Couldn't agree more for this recognition for Ester. I have known her for many years and without a doubt I can say she is one of the best individuals living in the island. She is the perfect example of a "community-oriented" person. Cortes is lucky that she lives there. And I am so honoured to call her my dear friend.
no compensation??
Comment by Max Thaysen on 16th November 2016
I was surpised to learn that Ester gets no compensation... seems to me that there should be some funds to give Ester a paycheck at least now and again. Why not? Raise sponsor fees? I'm making a donation.
Comment by Paul Ryan on 15th November 2016
Congratulations Ester!! Richly deserved! She also is a member of the Ferry Advisory Committee, and is always making suggestions and looking for ways to make the ferries more user friendly for Cortesians!