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General News · 29th October 2016
Join us in Manson's in the co-op courtyard for a fun walk on Wednesday at 12:30pm to show solidarity with the folks at #nodapl...

I received an email asking for some info about Standing Rock and the Dakota Access Pipeline. I do know folks who are there right now/ have gone and/or donated time, etc but am by no means an expert, but here goes....

If you just want to know more or want to find ways to show solidarity with the cause remotely read this from a direct source: to

For a quick list of what you can do look at this:

Trigger Warning: The videos posted may be upsetting to some folks...

If you just want to see a video check out this: or go to and see what Amy Goodman has to say.

A (very) Brief Guide:

Pipelines are a major enemy of climate justice. We struggle with them here on the BC Coast in a variety of ways. At Standing Rock the environmental as a separate entity is not the single issue at the forefront in Standing Rock.

Indigenous American Indians have suffered great injustices for hundreds (about 500 or so) years, at the hands of a militarized, oppressive government (aka, The so-called United States). The US has robbed indigenous people of their lands, culture, and community. There is a long path towards healing, and the government isn't walking there yet. Often social justice, and environmental justice converges due to financial and corporate interests: voila- intersectionality. Intersectionality is defined by Webster as: "the interconnected nature of social categorizations such as race, class, and gender as they apply to a given individual or group, regarded as creating overlapping and interdependent systems of discrimination or disadvantage."

Why are the indigenous people fighting the pipeline?

Here are some articles on the native liberation movement/ and #nodapl in historical context:

On the other hand and intrinsically linked is the environmental/ climate change activism piece of the puzzle. There is a company called Energy Transfers Corp that is currently building a $3.8 billion dollar pipeline that would cross (among other things) the Missouri River. It is 60% complete at this point. The company is in collusion with the government to keep work on the pipeline moving forward. The residents of Bismarck, ND (the capital of the state of North Dakota and a mostly white populace) rejected the project due to potential risks of spills into the drinking water supply. The company then moved down (south) along the river into the Sioux Nations territory. The Sioux have come out against the pipeline, forming a variety of camps, organizations, legal teams, etc to fight the construction of the pipeline. Militarized Force is being used against the peaceful water protectors (the group prefers this over protestors) attempting to utilize their constitutional rights.

Never before have indigenous tribes from all over the entire country come together in this way, on one issue, in one place. To get personal for a moment- I see this as a precedent-setting moment. If #nodapl wins and stops the pipeline, it has the potential to change the game for other communities fighting injustices including areas near to us here in BC. If the pipeline continues, we all lose. The Lakota carry a prophecy of the Black Snake and well, just check it out :

Read about the police response here:
or here:

OK, well much much more could be and has been written on the topic. Re/culture media says:

"The battle at Standing Rock is one of the most important moments of our time. In solidarity with the indigenous protectors of their land, as they battle the black snake pipeline that threatens their way of life, we must all stand together to end the age of destruction. This is the moment. #WATERISLIFE

The Red Warrior Camp is calling on all people from around the world to take action for #NoDAPL and join the Global Solidarity Campaign. If you live on this land, breathe the air and drink water, this is your fight too. The time to take action is NOW."

How to join the fight:

1. Organize yourself and/or large groups of people from your community to come to Standing Rock. Contact us at to discuss details and schedule a time frame.

2. TAKE ACTION IN YOUR OWN COMMUNITIES. Target the Army Corp of Engineers, banks, pipeline companies, corporations and elected officials behind the pipeline. Taking action includes lock-downs at offices, sit-ins, taking up space, rallies, call-in days, divesting from banks, mass mailings and interruptions. Register at to join our network of Global Solidarity.

3. Send monetary support to: Official Red Warrior Camp Fund:; Official Legal Fund:

Anyone who wants to talk more I will hope to see tomorrow in Manson's at 12:30 pm. Thanks for getting all the way to the here...
Hands raised!
Comment by Lucky on 2nd November 2016
Awesome article Jeramie.