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General News · 29th October 2016
Max Thaysen
Who's idea was this study?
For an introduction to the Cortes Island Transportation Study, click here

Back in 2009, the seeds of the study were sown by the Cortes Climate Action Team (CCAT). The volunteer community research group, CCAT, was created in response to a call from Regional Director Noba Anderson for a community group to be formed to help identify projects to reduce GHGs from the Cortes community. The group was created especially to identify GHG reduction projects that would apply to the Community Works Fund, a.k.a. Gas Tax funds. The federal Gas Tax funds are collected from consumers at the pump and delivered to Canadian municipalities for a variety of public infrastructure projects. A useful FAQ document on the Gas Tax program can be found here .

The CCAT delivered their Cortes Island Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report (attached at the bottom of this article). This was followed by their Cortes Island GHG Mitigation Options (also attached). In Mitigation Options, they suggested that, “Transportation represents the largest sector of emissions on Cortes according to the GHG inventory of Cortes completed during the summer of 2009 (see Appendix A), and therefore becomes a high priority area in terms of research and funding.”

The report goes on, “There is also a clear need to develop a transportation demand management strategy (TDM) that sets clear goals for short, medium, and long term investment to build an integrated framework of interconnected transportation programs and infrastructure.”

And so, the SRD in accepting these good works, adopted the recommendation to initiate a transportation study for Cortes Island.

The study has been since been broadened from this initial intention of GHG emissions reduction to include increasing mobility options in general to better serve those who cannot, or choose not to drive private automobiles for other reasons.

Many thanks to the CCAT members for their hard work: Bill Andrews, Mark Lombard, Shane Nelson, and Norberto Rodriguez Dela Vega.

Next up: What is TDM?

We look forward to seeing you at the Transportation Study Open House on Wednesday, November 2 at the Gorge Hall, 6-8 PM. You can get in touch with questions, comments at
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